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April 21, 2009 / submitted by Daan, United Kingdom
Q.  Hi Oracle.
Some of the early songs appear on two releases (singles, albums, EPs)
I was just wondering which of the following are actually new versions and which ones were just re-released:
Bigger Stronger (Safety EP/Blue Room EP);
Such a Rush (Safety EP/Blue Room EP);
No More Keeping My Feet on the Ground (Safety EP/Yellow single);
Don't Panic (Blue Room EP/Parachutes);
High Speed (Blue Room EP/Parachutes).
I think the Brothers & Sisters track from Brother's & Sisters is different from the Trouble single, judging by the intro.

I hope this isn't too much work for ya, but I'm sure I'm not the only Coldplay fan to wonder this.
Thanks a million.

The 3 tracks that were originally on the Safety E.P are exactly the same and weren't re-recorded for their subsequent releases. There were 2 recordings of Don't Panic and High Speed from sessions with the original producer Chris Allison before Ken Nelson took over; Don't Panic on The Blue Room E.P is said version.
Brothers & Sisters on the Trouble single is a different version. In fact, the band had already recorded that track before the Fierce Panda release of it.

April 3, 2009 / submitted by Margaret, United States of America
Q.  There's quite a bit of internet banter regarding the lyrics of Yellow (throwback, I know). However... I've got to know. Is the correct line "for you I'd bleed myself dry" or "for you I'd plead myself tryin'"?
Please answer soon. In the meantime, I'll be looking at the stars and marveling at how they shine for you.
Love to the Oracle.

You'll find the correct lyric - for you I'd bleed myself dry - in our Discography, complete with lyrics.
I quite like your alternative though!

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February 17, 2009 / submitted by Savanah, United States of America
Q.  ello chaps,
okay so I was just scrolling through your questions, & I read one that said Yellow was about a meteor shower, well I was watching 60 mins last sunday before the Grammys and Chris was talking about how he didn't know what the song was about?
thanks :)

"Inspired by" does not mean about....

February 16, 2009 / submitted by Siya, South Africa
Q.  Yellow (Hallo).......Watching the video for Yellow , one can easily think it was shot in ONE TAKE. Was it, or is it just cleverly shot?? Well, either way its cleverly shot.....please answer, otherwise am banging my head against the wall wall deserves that!

It was actually all down to clever techniques. It took about an hour to shoot and they ran through the song 5 times*. After the film was processed it went through a process called gradual grade that gave the impression of the day changing.
*Another interesting bit of information is the track was running at double speed, as was the camera. What you see is the film at its normal speed giving the effect of it looking slightly slower than normal.

January 16, 2009 / submitted by Alexia, United States of America
Q.  Hello Oracle!
I was just listening to Yellow by Coldplay and was wondering where they got the idea for that awsome song? Thanx:)

It was actually inspired by a meteor shower that took place during the recording of the album Parachutes. They were at Rockfield Studios (Wales). Take a look at the guest book...

January 14, 2009 / submitted by Sarah, United Kingdom
Q.  Dearest Oracle,
when I went to see Coldplay at Manchester on the 12th Dec, during Yellow I actually loved the balloons!
but the security didnt seem keen on people trying to keep them, why was this?

Firstly they were very large and as Yellow wasn't the last song it was a long time for people to cling on to the balloons rather than spread the love around. Also people were actually battling over them. Two women on the front row were practically fighting during the encore when trying to retrieve their balloons from security personnel, quite ugly I have to say!
It would have been amusing to see people clutching balloons and then realizing they didn't fit into their car or mode of transport!