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July 15, 2014 / submitted by Ouseiri, Mexico
Q.  Hi
The Xylobands were created by Coldplay?, (Mylo XYLOto = Xylobands) or it's just a coincidence? Because I know other artists had used them too. It was the original Coldplay's idea?

It's not a coincidence, no, but Coldplay didn't come up with the idea. You can find out how it all came about by reading the interview with the inventor, Jason Regler here.

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July 17, 2013 / submitted by Arthur, Paraguay
Q.  Hello
Is R#42 still alive? And also, what happened with all the Xylobands?

He's very much alive and in fine fettle.
The unused and returned / recycled Xylobands are in storage.

June 12, 2013 / submitted by Thuane, Brazil
Q.  Which was the first concert that Coldplay used Xylobands/wristbands first time? Thank you.

It was actually the show that I mentioned in one of yesterday's answers.
That was the first live gig of the MX album era though not strictly part of a tour. It took place in Madrid's Plaza de toros Las Ventas on 26 October 2011. They looked different - thinner straps and less colours but the technology was the same.
Anchorman and myself went to have a look at the boxes of Xylobands waiting for the very first fans to enter the venue. It was both exciting and nerve inducing waiting for the moment of truth when the lights went down.

The concert was part of the “American Express Unstaged” series, which paired musical artists with film directors. Coldplay worked with Anton Corbijn who as you may know, has taken photographs of the band and directed the videos for Talk and Viva la Vida (alternative video).

March 6, 2013 / submitted by Marni, Switzerland
Q.  Why didn't the band have Xylobands at the Paralympics Closing Ceremony?

The Olympic Stadium was fitted with individual LED lighting panels at every seat.
It wouldn't have worked if both the panels and Xylobands were used in full force so it was decided not to use Xylobands, though the athletes were wearing them.

January 7, 2013 / submitted by Nat, Brazil
Q.  Hello Oracle!

Can you tell me what are they doing with all those wristbrands? Are they volunteers?

Nat - Brazil

The Xylobands arrive in boxes with little plastic tabs that they need pulling out of position before the audience arrives so that's what they're doing - removing the tab that activates them.
They're not Oxfam volunteers but the photo was taken by someone who works for Oxfam who was on the MX tour.

November 6, 2012 / submitted by Safa, France
Q.  Hi Oracle !
So Tuesday the 13th of November, as we all know is the preview of Coldplay Live 2012. I just got my tickets and I was wondering if I had to bring my xylobands because I thought that perhaps "they will glow in the dark" for this very special event. Thank you very much :) xx Safa

Feel free to wear them but I'm afraid not; the only Xylobands that will be flashing on the 13th November will be the ones at the Melbourne show.
They're activated during the gig and even though it won't reach as far as France, their glowing in the dark will feature heavily in the film.

July 25, 2012 / submitted by Breanna, United States of America
Q.  Hello dearest Oracle!:]
I am attending the August 7th show in Chicago and I was wondering if I could get a second xyloband for a friend of mine that couldn't attend the show. Would that be possible? And if so, does it cost anything?
Thank you:]

The Xylobands are for fans who attend the shows and whilst everyone is free to take one home as a souvenir, we do encourage people to deposit them on the way out for recycling. If everyone took a spare for a friend, it would run into a very high cost as well as deplete resources - that wouldn't be fair on future concert goers so please, just take one for yourself. Sorry!

June 13, 2012 / submitted by Sarah, United Kingdom
Q.  Dear Oracle,
My wristband just lit up all by its self, and it's still on now. Could you shed some light [bad pun] on this mystery?



Well, I wish I could tell you some magical explanation or entice you down a fantasy road but in fact, it's not a strange phenomenon.
There must be a glitch as that's not supposed to happen.
I am hearing reports from all over that Xylobands are lighting up.
My friend awoke at 4 a.m on Monday morning with hers flashing (she was delighted!) and indeed mine decided to light up 48 hours after a show.
One lady's lit up in Wales followed by her son's...

June 13, 2012 / submitted by Marielle, Canada
Q.  Hello Oracle!
Ive notice that some fans have more than one Xyloband on at a time. Is there a limit of how much you can have, do you to pay for the extra ones?

I'm glad you brought this up.
I went to the Emirates on Friday and Saturday nights. At the second show during Hurts Like Heaven I remembered that my Xyloband from the previous night was still in my possession and when I checked, there it was flashing away so I put it on.
I was wearing two but had only taken one per show.
I know other fans who have been to several shows wear their Xylobands from all gigs so it is hopefully that reason you see multiple ones adorning arms.
We hand Xylobands out on the way in (ONE per person) but they are not included in the ticket price so if you don't get one, it may be down to luck, timing or the unforgivable...
If anyone reading this has taken more than one on the way in to a show and seen people without - then shame on you if you did not give a Xyloband up to another fan in need. #justsaying
Please be fair and please share.