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April 22, 2015 / submitted by Alice, Brazil
Q.  Dear Oracle,
Once my physics teacher quoted Coldplay in the classroom and said that Chris had some sort of training, diploma in Arts. That's right?

Not to my knowledge, no. Chris didn't study the Arts or any art subjects. He studies Ancient World Studies (Greek & Latin).

March 16, 2015 / submitted by Andrew, United Kingdom
Q.  Hi, did you guys think about having a small concert in UCL? (Like in the main quads :D)
I am a fan of you guys, and is at UCL for a term time exchange :D
Would be grateful even if I am only getting an answer.

The band played UCL (University College London) back in 2000 so it isn't likely to turn up on a future tour schedule.
That said, they first played the tiny Dingwalls (also in London) venue in 1998 and revisited in 2011 as part of a BBC Radio 2 event so I suppose you could say, you never know if they'll play UCL again.

December 29, 2014 / submitted by Milan, Belgium
Q.  Hello! I was wondering what studies you guys did? Or if you would have to go to college now, what you would study?

Since the guys met at college - University College London (UCL) - they did study as well as meet each other and form a band.
Chris studied Ancient World Studies, Jonny Astronomy and Maths, Will Anthropology and Guy started an Engineering degree.

February 5, 2014 / submitted by George, United Kingdom
Q.  Hi Oracle!
Did the band always have 'musicians' as their first career choice, or was it a hobby that ultimately became their job?

The interest in music was there for them all and they played in bands from an early age. Obviously they were at University studying and chose subjects for an alternative career but Chris once said that he went to UCL to meet Jonny, Guy & Will. Meaning that he had the idea he wanted to form a band at Uni but nobody could know that his destiny would indeed be fulfilled - nay, surpassed - there.

April 11, 2013 / submitted by Janie, United Kingdom
Q.  Hi Oracle! I know that all four members went to UCL and the band was formed while they were studying there, so it must be a pretty special place for the band. So are Coldplay planning on doing any concerts at UCL? Would they be willing to do one at all?

Looking forward to hearing your reply!

They have played UCL but not for nostalgic reasons; it was part of a tour they did with Terris back in 2000. Friday 7th April to be precise.

October 28, 2010 / submitted by Colin, United States of America
Q.  Dear Oracle,
I noticed in Mirko's video with Will lying on the ground there was a magazine cut-out at 1 minute that said Coldplay is from Oxford University. Is this true or did the band go to University College London?

Actually it appears at 29 seconds and reads ..."Hailing from the metropolis of London, but having spent three years studying at Oxford University..." which of course we know is incorrect.
The band attended UCL as you say but Phil did indeed go to Oxford so that must be where the confusion arose.

January 5, 2009 / submitted by Sophie, Australia
Q.  Hi there, O' wise Oracle! ^_^ I'm an 14 year old who's insanely addicted to Coldplay (can't wait for their concert!) However, I pose you a question... If the band never joined together and made Coldplay, what subjects would each of the guys study at university? (Assuming they all went there) ^^ Thanks!

All four met at the University College London where Chris took Ancient World Studies, Jonny read Maths and Astronomy, Will studied Anthropology and they all passed. Guy started training to be an engineer but he didn't complete the course as things were going well with the band.