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April 7, 2015 / submitted by Millie, United States of America
Q.  Hi! I heard that Coldplay was recording with Rik Simpson in Malibu/LA. Was it the whole band or just Chris? Thanks!

That particular session was just Rik but that's obviously not always the case.
It's worth remembering the band often do bits & pieces alone, together or in smaller groups (Jonny & Chris, Chris & Rik etc.) They have always recorded together & separately.

February 17, 2015 / submitted by Faye, United Kingdom
Q.  Hi Oracle,
Just curious, generally (not specifically Coldplay) how long is there between an album being completely recorded (the last day in studio) and the release/the album going on sale to the public?

Thanks :) LOVE YOU!

It depends. As you can imagine there are many reasons that it can be faster or slower than average. The last day of recording in the studio, is followed by post-production, mixing, mastering and manufacture - there may also be (as is the case with Coldplay) late additions to the album.
It's usually been 2 or 3 months after the songs are recorded before album release but that's not set in stone.

January 22, 2015 / submitted by Bigo, Turkey
Q.  Hey Oracle,
Is Phil Harvey being in the studio with Coldplay?
And also is he writing songs or playing instruments?

Phil is usually around during the recording sessions although not always in the studio but no, he isn't a writing/performing member of the band.

November 12, 2014 / submitted by Cooper, United States of America
Q.  I heard rumors of Coldplay going back into the studio and recording another album, instead of touring for Ghost Stories. is this true?

It's not "instead of". The plan was always to do a very small tour of Ghost Stories, which they did. They visited a very few number places at intimate venues.
They returned to the studio soon after which was also the plan.

July 9, 2014 / submitted by Danny, United Kingdom
Q.  Hi Oracle,

I have just seen your question regarding the fan upgrades at the RAH, luckily me and my friends were lucky enough to have been picked by Dick on the first night, could you please tell him a HUGE thanks from us! Moving onto the question what do these incredible people such as Dick and all of the crew/production team do when the band aren't doing any shows/tours, do they have any influence in the studio?


Danny! :)

I'm not sure it was Dick that upgraded you on the first night (he may have) as Dan was there. It was most likely one of them.
Neither are studio personnel, no. Dan is the band's trainer and Dick is married to the band's wonderful production assistant. I asked to do it at the Emirates but realized it's only possible at seated venues.
Some crew work with the band in the studio, some go on tour with other bands and some take time off. It depends.
I'll be honest, none of the crew have any real influence in the studio - that's down to the band & Phil. Apart from the time Matt McGinn gave some input to Square One.

August 15, 2013 / submitted by Stefanie, Germany
Q.  Hello dear Oracle,
I was just asking myself the question whether the guys work in the studio from Monday to Friday and have the weekend off. Or do weekdays play any certain role - I mean creativity isn't fixed to certain times and days.

Ooh Stephanie/Stefanie questions today!

This isn't the same for everyone but actually creativity CAN be fixed to a timetable. People work in different ways and once ideas have been formed and demos recorded, it's easier to make being in a band very much like a day job with set hours Mon-Fri and weekends off. The band have families and they quite rightly want to spend time with them.

Writers, artists, musicians etc. all have a creative flow that as you say can arrive at any moment. Chris has most definitely had moments where ideas strike in the middle of the night as with A Message.

August 5, 2013 / submitted by Andres, Mexico
Q.  Hi, Oracle!

Have other artists ever used the Bakery or the Beehive, or are they Coldplay-only?

The band don't hire their studios out but yes, other artists have used the facilities - some you will have heard of and some you may not have but the common denominator is they are all friends of the band.

July 22, 2013 / submitted by Giovanni, Italy
Q.  I'd like to know if the Coldplay studios (Beehive and Bakery) are only used for recording or for mixing also? I love the sound of the band! Thanks in advance!

With MX a lot of the mixing took place at their studios as they went along but when the album was finished, its final mix took place in New York as their favoured mixer Michael Brauer works from there - though Spike Stent also mixed MX.

May 7, 2013 / submitted by Madleine, Morocco
Q.  Hi dear Oracle,
I was watching a Coldplay documentary and while Guy and Will were in the studio (I believe it's The Bakery) they have noticed a little sentence written in Arabic meaning Peace and Love.
Have you ever seen it dear Oracle? I would really like to know who wrote it and if it is always written there?
Thank you very much.

I have seen it; I've got a photo of it somewhere. It's on the wall in the live room of The Bakery. I don't know who wrote it (actually, it's painted) but it was something that the band wanted - it wasn't there before they moved in.

November 19, 2012 / submitted by Fiona, United Kingdom
Q.  I thought Coldplay do their recording at the Beehive and Bakery back home?

They do - when they are back home. When they aren't and the mood takes them, they use local studios. They've done this many times before in places such as Chicago, New York, Barbados...