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January 14, 2014 / submitted by Karen, United Kingdom
Q.  Hi Oracle, sorry for wading in on this one but I agree with Teresa about Guy playing keyboards on Speed of Sound. In the shot at 0.59 he is facing in a different direction to Chris and you can see his guitar.
While I hate to disagree with the mighty Oracle and will take any punishment if I'm wrong but please just take another look 'cos it is driving me mad as well now!!

This is the final part of a Guy Speed of Sound video trilogy.
When you see the video's stage set-up, there are two keyboards. The one on the left is the main keyboard that Chris plays, the one in front of Guy to the right is a synth. If you've seen the band live, this is usual.
Three people wrote in to question my reply but if you re-read the question Teresa sent, you will see I am correct. The keyword was open and indeed the video does open with Chris on keys

Case closed.

January 13, 2014 / submitted by Jilly, United States of America
Q.  Once again not a question but a comment about Teresa from India's message about Guy, keyboards, and Speed of Sound. She may have been watching this video of Coldplay's performance on VH1 Storytellers during the X&Y era. It does feature Guy on piano which, Chris says, was "a rock and roll first." And a mighty fine job he did. Thanks and love, Oracle!

Nope, Teresa was talking about the official video. In fact, she replied:

Thanks for clearing up that Speed of Sound gaff Oracle! That was clearly my bad. I'll have to join you in detention then. I'm still confused by the shots at 0:34 and 0:59 THAT Guy playing a second set of keys or do I really need new glasses? :) Sorry for the nagging questions! It truly is one of their best videos.

Teresa, if you're reading this, maybe time for new glasses...

January 9, 2014 / submitted by Teresa, India
Q.  Happy New Year Oracle! :)

I have a question about Speed of Sound. Why does the video open with Guy on keys and not Chris? In most of the live versions I've seen, however, Chris begins the song on piano.

Is there a live version with Guy on keyboards, as it is in the video?

Thanks in advance! Love from India.

Eh? Which video are you watching, Teresa? You can join me for detention (see last but one question). It doesn't open with Guy; it's Chris on keys. Maybe the lighting and haircut threw you.
Videos aren't always factual by the way. There is an interesting fact about Guy and this video though. Mark Romanek who directed Speed of Sound got movement out of Guy that had never been witnessed before. That's totally true.

November 18, 2013 / submitted by Joey, United States of America
Q.  Hello Oracle! Hope all is going swell with you!
I had a question about a song I heard the band play live about a year ago. It was Speed of Sound at Stockholm and Chris didn't sing the normal lyrics at first, he opened up with something else and then said "Sorry that was other one" What is that supposed to mean? Was there another version of the song?!
Thank you! :)

I'm pretty good thanks, Joey. There wasn't another version of the song. Chris sang: "My mama told me when I was young, we are all born superstars which is a line from Lady Gaga's Born This Way.

April 9, 2010 / submitted by Lucas, Canada
Q.  Dear Oracle, what exactly is the screen-looking thing that the band used in their music video for "Speed of Sound"?

Thx in advance!

It's actually a wall of LED lights. It's all quite technical but of course very effective!