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March 25, 2015 / submitted by Faye, Australia
Q.  Hey hey hey,
Is the globe sitting on the amp in the Shiver video the same one from the Parachutes album cover?

I have answered a few questions about the globe over the years. Yes, the one in the video is the same as the one on the cover though there were several globes. They eventually made their way into storage but the original globe was auctioned for charity and raised £8,230 for Kids Company.

March 23, 2015 / submitted by Santa, Christmas Island
Q.  Where was the Shiver video shot?

At the time of the Shiver video, I think their actual rehearsal space was near Angel (North London) but this wasn't shot there. Their ex-video commissioner says it was a place in Brick Lane (Shoreditch, London).

September 25, 2014 / submitted by Erik, Brazil
Q.  Hi Oracle, I was wondering, back in 2000 when the boys were almost like anonymous, how did they get Shiver to the top 40 on UK?

Coldplay were already signed to Parlophone when Shiver was released and weren't unknown on the music scene although yes, they were new kids on the block (NOT actually New Kids On The Block.
Before a record is released, radio pluggers and TV/press promotion teams (either in-house at the label or out of house) are working away to get it written about and played on the radio /TV.
Coldplay had been championed early on by Steve Lamacq (& Jo Whiley) at Radio 1 and other stations followed suit. Shiver picked up radio airplay and that's why it charted at #35. That was by no means considered a hit by the way as it only just made the Top 40. Soon after Yellow was released. The band's profile was higher and gained them a #4 hit.

April 10, 2014 / submitted by Anonymous, Australia
Q.  Hey Oracle, when was the last time Coldplay played Shiver?

Apparently Shiver was last played on December 15, 2011 at Lanxess Arena, Cologne, Germany.

December 11, 2013 / submitted by Grace, Australia
Q.  Hello Oracle!
You recently answered a question about the Shiver lyrics. I had honestly never thought about it like that, I always thought it was a question rather than saying don't shiver. But now I'm a little confused, the lyrics are "Don't you shiver", which without commas is "do not you shiver", which doesn't makes sense... Am I wrong, because I think that'd explain a lot ahaha thank you and I hope you can understand my explanation!
(p.s I'm sorry if this is a silly question!!)

Hello (again). You mean the apostrophe. It's true an apostrophe replaces the letter o but it doesn't have to be taken literally or rather, gramattically. We simply do not go around (see what I did there) necessarily saying things in full or with regard to the sense without that apostrophe. To illustrate what I mean, The Human League had a massive hit in the 80s with Don't You Want Me. Nobody would say "do not you want me?" but somehow it works with the "don't".
There are many examples of apostrophe use that challenges the rules.

December 10, 2013 / submitted by Marianna, Brazil
Q.  Why the song Shiver doesn't have the interrogation point at the of the line on the chorus: 'don't you shiver'??

If I said to you "don't you worry" that's obviously different to "don't you worry?" There's no question in Shiver. It's saying don't shiver.

October 9, 2013 / submitted by Marie, France
Q.  Dearest Oracle,
I was wondering, when you think about the lyrics, don't you find Shiver to be kind of creepy?

Ha ha ha! I hadn't listened to it in that way before. I have to say that no, I find it a sweet sentiment of unrequited love - which is what it is about.

July 2, 2013 / submitted by Flavio, Mozambique
Q.  Hi Oracle,I would like to know who's that guys who appears in Shiver video.
They doesn't look like Guy, Jonny and Will, except Chris.
Flavio, Mozambique.

They look really young don't they? I know the video was made 13 years ago and the guys were only around 20 years old but I can assure you that it is Jonny, Guy & Will.

June 25, 2013 / submitted by Brittany, United States of America
Q.  Hi Oracle,
Could you please tell me what Chris and Jonny were talking about at the end of the Shiver music video. I truly hope you get to read my message.

I’m afraid I have no idea! I would wager they don’t remember either. Probably something about the video.

May 23, 2013 / submitted by Martin, Australia
Q.  Hello Oracle, did Chris have anyone in particular on his mind while writing Shiver? Sort of going through the same thing right at this moment. Do you reckon I should move on or keep trying?

Yes he did. I think the only way to answer this question is to imagine your best mate has asked you the same. What would you advise them to do?
Sometimes when it's happening to you, you're too close to see what the right thing to do is. I personally think you know in your gut whether you're wasting your time. Life's too short for both losing a love that could be and wasting time on a love that will never be.