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October 13, 2014 / submitted by Taylor, United States of America
Q.  Hey Oracle!

Two questions (the latter formed whilst thinking of the first). One, would you happen to have one of the 500* (I think) copies of the Safety EP? I only ask because of your more than likely closer ties to the band than most people or fans. Two, would you consider Safety EP the hardest Coldplay paraphernalia to get?

*I'd suppose, because it's from their early days when they weren't well known, that some might have not thought it up to par and trashed it (this is a scary thought).

One - yes, I do. It's named as a separate item on my home insurance as possibly the single highest value item I own.
Two - Yes, absolutely, due to its limited number. There was only one pressing - unlike the Fierce Panda Brothers & Sisters EP that a had a re-run.

As Coldplay were unknown it may have been "lost" in the great number of demos that DJs, press, label personnel receive but I doubt any would have been thrown away once heard - even by those who didn't love it, including the A&R man who eventually signed them.
Family & friends also got copies but I suspect quite a few went stray one way or another so doubt there are even 500 copies out there.

October 13, 2014 / submitted by Pablo, United States of America
Q.  Hi dear Oracle!
Does Ode to Deodorant count as an official Coldplay recording? Because in the recording section of the webpage I couldn't find it.
Thank You!!

No. The Recordings section of the site only includes official full releases of singles, E.Ps and albums. Demo recordings don't count - apart from Safety as this was still seen as a professional release despite it being a self-financed / self-released without a label.

April 14, 2014 / submitted by Brock, Canada
Q.  I was just wondering if the song Ode to Deodorant was really the first song ever recorded by Coldplay?

The first songs that were recorded on tape as rough demos didn't include Ode to Deodorant.
Ode was recorded in a studio (with Brothers & Sisters) and there was a master CDR of it. From this, cassette copies were made.
The Safety EP was the first recording that had multiple CDs pressed and distributed hence that being credited as their first release - though it was never available for sale.

January 21, 2014 / submitted by Samuel, United States of America
Q.  Dear Oracle,

I am planning to ask my family for the Saftey EP for my 16th birthday. Do you know of anyone selling a 100% real copy of the Safety EP? I was looking on a few websites including this. I didn't know if they were real or not and I didn't want to take my chances.

There is no real way of guaranteeing the two copies on that site for sale are genuine but I expect them to be - as of course one would.
The images for both copies are clearly of the authentic original but not photos of the items for sale.
I would ask the seller(s) for some background history of the CDs. How did they come by them? etc.
I would also suggest for a transaction of this size, to ask for a Skype chat where you could inspect the CD remotely.
If you want Safety to complete a collection, I understand. If you want it as an investment, I understand. If you want it to listen to, I don't understand.
As I have said before, all the tracks feature on other releases in their original recording form.
£1000 (the going rate) is lot of money so I'd certainly advise anyone to consider carefully before making this purchase.

January 15, 2014 / submitted by Matthew, United Kingdom
Q.  Hi there, I was wondering how to go about getting a valuation of the Safety EP. My copy is signed by the band members and contains a message from Chris that reads 'Dear Matt thanks for hanging wid us, lots of love Chris' (I did my work experience with the band in July 2000). I have never considered selling it but am struggling to pay my way through a second university degree. Look forward to hearing your thoughts.

You can get it valued by an auctioneer but it's likely the CD is valued at £1000 and the note probably at £500. Anyone who has sold a copy on eBay has benefited from starting at 99p with no reserve. Those that start higher with reserve, don't get half as much as it could fetch.

NB: Just adding a note because I know there's part of this Q that will spark a question that I already get asked. No, the band do not offer work experience placements. This was back in 2000 and hasn't happened since, nor will it. Sorry!

November 28, 2013 / submitted by Ethan, United States of America
Q.  Hello Oracle,
Who is on the cover of the Safety EP?

If you go to the Archive section or search through Interviews, you will find an article on the Safety EP cover art. The answer to your question is in the article also.

September 30, 2013 / submitted by Gabriel, Brazil
Q.  Hello Oracle!
I was listening to the excerpt of So Sad, by Coldplay Have you ever heard it in its entirety? Stylistically, is it similar to the other songs from the Safety EP?

I have and yes, I'd say that it is closer to the Safety EP in style than anything else the band have released. It was written & recorded (for demo purposes only) around the same time as Don't Panic which although was being performed live, was originally discarded as a potential album track. It was quite a late decision to include it on Parachutes.

May 21, 2012 / submitted by Dhamar, Mexico
Q.  Hey, dear Oracle!

What's first? Ode to Deodorant or Safety EP? I'm confused, please reply!

Greetings from all the members of the League of Latinamerican's Coldplayers!

Thank you!

Safety (on CD) came first in May 1998. Ode to Deodorant (on cassette) was recorded later in the same year and served as a second demo.

May 17, 2012 / submitted by Oliver, Denmark
Q.  Is it true that the Safety EP goes for £2000 because only 500 copies were ever made?
Maybe you have the answer, Oracle?

It is true that only 500 copies were made and that does make the item very rare and therefore expensive. I have seen the Safety EP at various prices over the years, the most being £2500.

February 9, 2012 / submitted by Josh, United Kingdom
Q.  Dear Oracle, a couple of questions which will test your Coldplay knowledge.

Firstly, Ron Niblett (who produced the Safety EP) said there were 8 tracks recorded for the EP and they picked 3. What were the other 5? Did they get lost or did they go onto The Blue Room/Parachutes?

Secondly, on the Timeline there is a video relating to Coldplay/Starfish's first gig at The Laurel Tree. In the video there is a song playing with lyrics "there goes another day...", do they have a lot of unreleased old songs recorded and is there any way of getting them/could you envisage them ever being released somehow?


I have a cassette in storage about 200 miles away from me containing the songs recorded at that time. So Sad (the one you quoted from), Vitamins, Panic, High Speed spring to mind immediately but I am only guessing the other song was If All Else.
Panic became Don't Panic and High Speed was re-recorded twice before it ended up on Parachutes but wasn't initially considered.
As I've said before, there are a lot of unreleased songs but as for this little lot, they won't be released.