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February 5, 2015 / submitted by Aditya, Indonesia
Q.  Just saw a video Coldplay's BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge session covering Rihanna's We Found Love, it's really interesting.

But one thing that still intriguing me, it's sound a little bit similar with A Sky Full of Stars. Do you picking cues or some tunes from that cover for A Sky Full of Stars?

While I can understand why you may think they sound similar, if you're talking about the time in Norwich - around the time MX was released - the cover was unplugged so I don't really see the similarity much myself. However, I do see how We Found Love and ASFOS share the same genre. Both are EDM which isn't surprising given We Found Love was written & produced by (as well as featuring Calvin Harris) and Avicii was very much a part of ASFOS.
Being influenced by a song is obviously very different to "picking tunes".

November 29, 2012 / submitted by Thomas, United Kingdom
Q.  Hi Oracle did Rihanna only come to Paris with Coldplay. If she did why? Hope you can reply. Thomas.

Rihanna travelled to Paris to perform Princess of China with the band because that is where the majority of concert footage for the Live 2012 DVD was being recorded. They performed it twice there and then again at the Paralympics Closing Ceremony a week later.

December 19, 2011 / submitted by Susan, United States of America
Q.  Just got home from the club and I heard what I thought was a Coldplay song. Did Coldplay cover any Rhianna songs recently? Possible it was just the house mix.
Thanks, the one who knows everything!

Coldplay did cover a Rihanna song recently but that was for BBC Radio 1's Live Lounge and was an acoustic version of We Found Love so it won't have been that - unless it's an unofficial remixed version that we know nothing about.

What you probably heard was a bootleg (that means totally unofficial) mix.
It was possibly Princess of China which is a Coldplay song on their new album, Mylo Xyloto, featuring Rihanna on vocals.
Without knowing though, it could have been any of their songs and hers in some kind of mash-up as those do the rounds also.

September 16, 2011 / submitted by Dave, United States of America
Q.  Are Rihanna's vocals a duet, a solo, or a part similar to Emily Bart-Smith on Rainy Day?

It's not at all like the EBS backing vocals that are a subtle part of Rainy Day. This is a proper duet and honestly guys, it's incredible.