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January 28, 2013 / submitted by Clodagh,
Q.  Morning Oracle! I came across this article about rock star demands... I find this hard to believe "Coldplay demand eight stamped local postcards wherever they go" and as for dreary ... how very dare they!!

I object to their use of the word "demand" more than "dreary". It's an item on their rider - it's hardly a demand.
If they think it's dreary for a band to want a local postcard as a memento of where they tour then so be it but it's all media titillation so let's take it with a pinch of salt. I happen to think it's a really good idea.
The band have been requesting stamped postcards since their first ever tour. It started with 4 - I didn't realize it had doubled.

January 18, 2011 / submitted by Fernando, Argentina
Q.  Hey Oracle, I found this somewhere in the internet. Is this true? I mean there's a LOT of alcohol and cigarettes...
Thanks You!

Ah the legend that is the Rider. I would love to say yeah dude it's rock n roll but I can honestly tell you that Coldplay do not consume that high level of alcohol/cigarettes - if any of it!
I would suggest it is a standard rider of a big name band but in no way reflects what they "need" - which is probably just fruit and water. Ok so not quite as there is of course a need for catering. The family & friends room is usually equipped with refreshments too.
There have been some great riders throughout musical history and I do know that some tour managers/artists get great amusement from seeing what they can actually get venues to provide. Of course "we" have never done that but feast your eyes on Iggy Pop's gig needs. The rider starts page 13 but the rest of the document is well worth a read.

August 3, 2010 / submitted by Nanashi, United States of America
Q.  This may be a bit personal, but why does/did the band request lemons and ginger on their rider? And why does the band NEED a rider, specifically? Wouldn't it be easier/less diva-like to leave that task to someone who knows them best who is on tour with them? I mean, there's a wal-mart in every city, nowadays, right?

It's not exclusive to Coldplay; all bands have riders and trust me theirs is not at all Diva-esque. The riders are compiled by "someone who knows them best" but there is so much to do on show days that it's not possible for said someone in the crew to run around shopping on top of all the other things that need doing. Also to be honest, sometimes the venues are actually very far from grocery stores. Having experienced this on the Latin American tour if you did need something once at the venue it takes at least two to... co-ordinate leaving such a vast arena/stadium, getting transport to and from without hitting a lot of concert traffic on the way back and the actual activity left for; that's just not a productive use of time.
It's much easier if everything the band requires is there at the venue. The lemon and ginger are for Chris' hot drinks pre/during/post gig by the way.