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October 3, 2013 / submitted by Lou F, United Kingdom
Q.  Hi Oracle, I came across a wiki page article today that talked about Coldplay working with Radiohead during the late 90s before OK Computer. I don't believe it's real. But it's rather amusing. Just wanted to clarify, this didn't really happen, did it?

There is no truth in that wiki article at all. I do have an early days Radiohead tale to regale. Phil Harvey - who went to University in Oxford - took a Coldplay demo to a bakery. Why did he do that? I hear you ask.
The bakery was owned by a relation of a Radiohead band member and Phil asked them to pass it along. Whether it was ever listened to remains a mystery.
I can hear you ask again - no, this has nothing to do with Coldplay's studio being called The Bakery.

June 3, 2009 / submitted by Liam, United Kingdom
Q.  I've heard Coldplay were inspired by Radiohead's album OK Computer. And I was just wondering if Coldplay were fans of Radiohead's post OK Computer music, given the large change in direction.

They remain fans of Radiohead and see their change of direction as strokes of genius. They started their career in awe of the band and to be honest, that's probably still the case.

December 11, 2008 / submitted by Jeronimo, Argentina
Q.  Hey Cracle, i have a very used up question, but i wanna hear the answer from you (since it's the first time i've entered Coldplay's webpage and this oracle thing i found it nice) even though i have my own opinion about it here it goes: why do you think people, media, etc. compares Coldplay with Radiohead repeatedly? i have real devotion for Radiohead and still in this past years i've discovered how good Coldplay is and i don't really think they can be compared at all, are two different kind of bands but not comparable. thanx!!

Well Jeronimo, the band LOVE Radiohead and have openly admitted they have been influenced by them over the years. You can't hear that influence in every song but sometimes you can (Bigger Stronger, Twisted Logic, 42 for example). Coldplay would take it as a huge compliment to be compared but as you say, they are two different bands.