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July 24, 2014 / submitted by Danny, United Kingdom
Q.  Hi Oracle!

I have just been watching the Life in Technicolor ii video, and for the first time I noticed a sign that said 'Heswall Village Fete' I'm wondering whether the video was recorded in Heswall, Merseyside?


Danny :)

No, it wasn't. Dougal Wilson - the director - talked to Anchorman about the location:
"I wanted it to be in a very unsuspecting English village hall, so I tried to find the kind of place where the local ladies guild would have their meetings. But it was quite hard to find places that weren't being used, because those sort of halls are always being used by the table tennis club, or something. We searched for ages and then that one became available. It's in a place called Aldenham which is near Watford. Interestingly it's the same village where they shot the TV adaptation of the Midwich Cuckoos by John Wyndham, called Village Of The Damned. So it's got some film heritage."

November 6, 2013 / submitted by Henry, Australia
Q.  Hello Oracle

Do u know what happened to the Coldplay puppets used in the life in technicolor II music video because I've heard the band still have and bring them on their travels around the world and just saw some pics on the site but I was never sure what's the story behind it all ?

Thanks for your time

The puppets have a new owner now. They were sold in February 2012 and the proceeds were donated to Crisis, the national charity for single homeless people.
They joined the band on the road but only prior to sale so the photos you will have seen are from the last tour.

October 16, 2012 / submitted by Natasha , New Zealand
Q.  Hey Oracle! I was just wondering with the pictures of the dolls in different places all over the world (from the Viva era), Did Coldplay actually visit the places and who took the photos? Thanks. Can't wait to see you guys in Nov! x

Do you mean the puppets? The puppets went on tour with the band so everywhere they went, so did they. The photos were taken at every place the band played. Trainer Dan took almost all of the photos but I took a couple.
I took the one from Rio de Janeiro - that wasn't exciting due to the adverse weather conditions meaning we couldn't get to Christ the Redeemer and my favourite one ever in Mexico City where they met up with puppet pals.

July 18, 2012 / submitted by Yasmin, United Kingdom
Q.  Is there anyway I can buy one of the puppets from the Viva la Vida tour?

The puppets that were used in the Life in Technicolor ii video were the only ones made; we didn't make replicas.
They were sold earlier this year for charity so I'm afraid you can't buy them or any in their likeness.

July 12, 2012 / submitted by Hope, United Kingdom
Q.  Hello Oracle!

I was wondering - at the Etihad concert, I was up and waiting ready at roughly 8am and I met a man who I shan't expose, but he had with him the old Chris Martin puppet and he asked to take picture with both the puppets and the fans who were there in the morning. He said he was going to send them into for a blog of some kind. I just wondered - has/will anything happen with these pictures? And are the puppets likely to make a return any time soon - if only in the way that the person they belong to continues to send in pictures? It'd be great to have them back! Or substitutes, even!

Thank you!
Hope, UK

Ha! You just did expose him! There's only one Chris Martin puppet and only one owner. He's lovely.
I think I have seen the photo actually but no, they're not being published - not via anyway. The puppets have retired so it's best we leave them to enjoy their time off...

April 25, 2012 / submitted by Rolando, Mexico
Q.  Hey Oracle, what happen with the Coldplay puppets?

They were sold with proceeds going to charity. Chris the puppet emails me* to tell me where they are and he even has a MX costume now that the new owner had made for him.
*I am NOT joking!

February 28, 2012 / submitted by Darem, United States of America
Q.  Hello Oracle!
My question is do you know what book the Coldplay Puppets were reading in the picture at Corfu?
Thanks a bunch

That question was answered back on October 30, 2009. If you type puppets into the new search box or look at the "puppets" tag, you will see that the book was Quicksilver by Neal Stephenson.

February 6, 2012 / submitted by Autumn, United States of America
Q.  I've heard the puppets are toast, but what happened to them?

They were sold for charity and their new owner collected them on Friday. He informed me that "they'll go under extensive physical & psychological puppetherapy'" whatever that is! He is going to take them to an expert to get them restored somewhat and promised to send photos if they go anywhere exciting.
They are currently in New York. I know this because "Chris the puppet" emailed me from the departure Lounge at Heathrow yesterday from his puppet sized iPad.

March 15, 2010 / submitted by Flor, Argentina
Q.  I'm so curious... what really happened to the puppets? Was the tequila as I've heard? Or the atmosphere in Bogota? It seems that the tour got them tired a lot! Poor puppets... I think they deserve some rest :) Haha .. I really hope you enjoyed the whole tour, thanks a lot for coming.
See you soon ...
..We love you! :D

I blame the altitude! I will let you into a secret. I actually left Chris' leg in the back of a car in Rio; it had fallen off and I hadn't noticed. We were reunited very quickly and the following day he was given to the crew carpenter as he had a severe head injury; basically the back of it had come apart. As you can see the puppets took a beating on this gruelling tour and sadly didn't quite make it until the end. It's a shame they weren't photographed well in Guadalajara and of course at all in Monterrey.

March 12, 2010 / submitted by Lety, Mexico
Q.  Dear Oracle, first of all I have to say that yesterday was the most amazing concert I've ever been to, and hope you guys come back pretty soon. My question is, did the Coldplay-shaped puppets made it to Monterrey? they seem to be MIA around here

I'm surprised they survived the tour to be honest. I don't know whether to blame Tequila for their behaviour in Guadalajara; as you can see by that photo they were certainly not at their best. It was a very hot day and they weren't in the mood to go to Zapopan Catedral, Teatro de Gollando or Acueducto.
There was a party here in Monterrey on Wednesday night for all the crew members, Bat for Lashes and of course the band. That was quite a late night and so the following morning the pesky puppets were, as you say, missing in action.
They even refused to have their photo taken with the real band members yesterday.
There will be one last photo but I doubt it will be a scenic shot of this wonderful terrain. It's a shame because I quite fancied taking them on a trip to Mirador del Obispado.