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March 28, 2012 / submitted by Johanna, United States of America
Q.  Shalom.
The other day I saw a post on Rihanna's Facebook page that said she was on the set of Coldplay's Princess of China video. But I haven't seen anything about it from Coldplay. Are they making one?

PH (Phil) did actually post a photo of Chris on Coldplay's twitter a few days ago.

October 31, 2011 / submitted by Axel, Mexico
Q.  Hi dear and lovely Oracle!

Hey I heard Princess of China was the third single from Mylo, and then I looked for information and I found it was released on October 25! Is that true? Is POC a single?
By the way, Mylo Xyloto is fantastic! When will be lyrics on Recordings Section? I need to sing right as loud as I can!

Thanks for your time! Greetings from Mexico!

PoC has definitely not been released as a single. We've not long since released Paradise and the album only came out last Monday.
The lyrics are coming I promise. It's something to look forward to!

October 6, 2011 / submitted by Kawrem, Australia
Q.  What is Coldplay deciding to do in regards to a live setting for their duet songs (Lhuna and Princess Of China)? I understand that they are waiting to play Princess of China until Rhianna's voice can be heard on it, but does this mean that they'll only ever play it if Rhianna is on the stage with them? These are two of my favorite Coldplay songs ever, so I am wondering if we (the fans) are going to get to hear either of these songs played live regularly, if at all?

Cheers from Australia!

Lhuna is not likely to be played live now. It wasn't actually on a Coldplay release and don't think it ever has been performed live.
PoC may get an airing again once the album is out. Chris has shown he can tackle both vocal parts live so there's no reason not to. I'm hoping it makes an appearance again after 24th October as I personally loved listening to that played live at the start of the festival dates.

September 16, 2011 / submitted by Dave, United States of America
Q.  Are Rihanna's vocals a duet, a solo, or a part similar to Emily Bart-Smith on Rainy Day?

It's not at all like the EBS backing vocals that are a subtle part of Rainy Day. This is a proper duet and honestly guys, it's incredible.

September 12, 2011 / submitted by Kelly, United Kingdom
Q.  Hey Oracle!
Just heard Paradise. ITS AMAZING!! Love it! But after, I saw news that Rihanna was going to be featured in Princess of China?? I heard the original via YouTube, and I LOVE IT AS IS. Is Rihanna going to be featured?
Thanks! Lots of fangirl love!

I've had a lot of mail about this since the news broke. The first time I heard POC it was just an instrumental. The second time I heard it Chris & Rihanna's vocals had been added. I have to say it sounds amazing.
I then heard the band perform it live. I liked it a lot, but not quite as much. For me it was wise to drop it from the set because it simply didn't sound the same without Rihanna. It was written with her in mind so it makes perfect sense. When you hear it, you will see and hopefully agree.

August 30, 2011 / submitted by Christina, Cyprus
Q.  Dear Oracle,
Was the Rock am Ring performance the only one that include Princess of China?

Coldplay actually performed Princess of China live at Rock im Park, not Rock am Ring. Its live debut was at the family & friends show back in May at London's Forum so it's only had two outings.