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September 8, 2014 / submitted by Heather, United Kingdom
Q.  Hello Oracle! Nowadays everybody seems to have a smart phone. People seem attached at the hip to technology. Do you think that it is tragic that humans are now watching concerts through their cellphones and should be living in the moment, or do you think capturing the moment is special? Thanks!

I wouldn't use the word tragic but I hate standing with my view blocked by someone waving their phone - or worse - an iPad in my eyeline.
It's a double-edged sword because there are some great clips of gigs that I wasn't at but can watch or relive if I was there. The same goes for photos. However, it's all about balance and moderation.
I subscribe to the school of Prince, Kate Bush et al. who ask people to refrain from using their phones as cameras and indeed have security patrolling to put a stop to anyone that does. It's disrespectful to breach those wishes but I can totally understand why many want to take photos/videos.
Let's face it, most people aren't watching the gigs with their eyes, but watching with their screens. They are fewer great footage clips than the plethora of absolutely diabolical quality ones that nobody will want to watch.
I totally want to enjoy the show and experience it for real. Technology is a sign of the times and a memento of a gig is great but I think it's down to the artist's wishes and the audience's judgement.

July 30, 2014 / submitted by Maria, Bulgaria
Q.  Hi Oracle!
I've noticed something a bit strange on the banner for Ghost Stories on iTunes - Chris' face seems to be blurred or at least not focused by the camera when the photo was taken. Is there a reason for this? Was it done on purpose for Guy, Jonny and Will to stand out?

I think they all look a little out of focus. It's just the way the photo turned out - probably because it was taken with little lighting. Incidentally, that photo was taken by Phil on his iPhone.

July 2, 2014 / submitted by D, United Kingdom
Q.  Dear Oracle, just checking; is it ok to upload videos from the gigs online? Also was Debs wearing a stripy skirt last night? I thought I saw her right at the end! So belated 'hello' if it was!! X

Oh please do upload your photos and videos here. We're all about sharing.
Debs was there but wasn't wearing a stripy skirt.
I saw a lot of familiar faces myself and everyone was in fine voice. What a show!
Hope everyone listening at home enjoyed it too.

May 25, 2011 / submitted by Christian, Colombia
Q.  Hello Oracle sometimes you are talking about a photo shoot of the band in your replies and I'm looking for it! by internet with no succes.... Would you mind show me where I can see it, please?

Regards, Chris.

Dude it only finished last night. It isn't like photos are taken and then uploaded straight to flickr, photobucket or whatever.
When there's a photo to see, we'll post it on this site so there's no need to go searching, just check back here.