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January 19, 2015 / submitted by Nela, Serbia
Q.  Dear Oracle, I stubled upon your post which says that Coldplay had a song titled Called Me, way back when they were Spectoralz and that another artist recorded it under his name. Maybe I have gotten that all wrong, but could you tell me which artist? I would really like to hear that song. Thanks! One more thing, Serbia LOVES Coldplay. It would be awesome if they would choose to come here one day. Fingers crossed! :) Cheers!

You got it a little wrong but were close enough. The song was called Call Me and the band's side project was Pectoralz.
The artist was Oak but I'm afraid you can't hear it.

November 4, 2009 / submitted by Jacob, United States of America
Q.  Was Chris Martin ever associated with a band called "The Pectorals"? I was watching "Cash Cab" the other day and there was a question involving Chris and a band called that.


How funny that Pectoralz came up as a question on Cash Cab! Ha! Pectoralz was an alter ego boy band project that Coldplay used to have some fun with when they first started. It wasn't serious and they didn't perform any gigs under that name nor was it ever a consideration to be Pectoralz over Coldplay!

April 9, 2009 / submitted by Mariana, Mexico
Q.  Beloved and praised Oracle...
I have 3 questions that if you answer them, you help me sleep better lol.

Would you tell me what in earth was in their mind naming the band Pectoralz when starting?

Also... do you know if they have considered singing with in a duet with someone that sings in Spanish? and who would that be?

Last... will Coldplay come to Mexico this year?

Enjoy your bizarreness.

The Pectoralz name came from the pectoral chest muscle and is a joke name for a boy band they created. It was never a name consideration for the 'real' band, it was all meant to be in jest.

Technically Chris has duetted with someone that sings in Spanish; Nelly Furtado! Chris wouldn't sing in Spanish himself though as he isn't fluent.

Until we confirm anything on this website I cannot comment on show rumours, sorry!

By the way folks, I'm taking an Easter break and will be back here Tuesday 14th April.

March 30, 2009 / submitted by m pablo, Mexico
Q.  Dear Oracle, the first to names of the band were Pectoralz and Starfish right?
I don't want to ofend Chris or the other members but those are funny and bad names. I wondered why did Chris, or Jon chose those really bad names. I'm glad Tim Crompton adviced them the name of Coldplay.

Pectoralz wasn't strictly ever the band's name, it was a side project that they had some fun with but nothing serious and they didn't write or play the same songs as Starfish. As dreadful a name as it is, it isn't easy picking a name for your group. Tim didn't advise them to use it; he'd discarded the name of his own band so they took it for themselves - with permission of course!