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March 11, 2015 / submitted by Luu, Vietnam
Q.  When did The Oracle start? And where did the idea of it come from?

The band have always had a Q&A facility on all incarnations of their website - even before existed*. I recall Phil came up with the idea.
The first Oracle question was answered on 25th July 2008.

*The first official website's url was

July 4, 2013 / submitted by Natalia, Mexico
Q.  Hi Oracle! Just wondering, what was the first oracle question you answered? Thank you. xx

The first question was sent by Rachel:
Is it possible for me to make "Coldplayism" a religion as well? Worshiping this miraculous band, of course.

Although there is technically nothing to stop someone from worshiping Coldplay, Coldplayism may be seen as a cult or parody religion. There may also be an issue of copyright with using the name. And remember, as Oasis once said unto us, "Please don't put your life in the hands of a rock n roll band".

July 2, 2013 / submitted by Peter, United Kingdom
Q.  Dear Oracle, what proportion of questions make it onto the site to be answered?

I have to confess I have to delete several hundred - for various reasons - but I have answered 3,404 since 25th July 2008. Wow, we're coming up to a 5th birthday!
In 5 years in the region of 130,000 questions have been submitted.
That's less than 3% if I have done my sums correctly...
I currently have over 3000 questions left in the "bank" and obviously new ones come in every day.

June 21, 2013 / submitted by Sam, United States of America
I'm sixteen, and like most people at sixteen, I have a lot on my mind (and at other times I have nothing on my mind, which is a different problem altogether) I've been feeling rather small in this big big world and I see there's a lot of evil in it. I want to change the world in a big big way, yet I find myself not knowing where to start. I really want to see the world get along with itself, and I need you, almighty oracle, to tell me how I, a sixteen year old kid, can change the world for good. Sam, USA

The way you can make a difference or change the world is by firstly finding yourself. Discover who you are and what you stand for; in doing this bit by bit you can piece together what you want to do to put your mark in society therefore making a change. In regards to the evil in this world; evil will always exist however what we can do is fight it with good. - Lateisha, UK.

If you want to change the world for good, think on going vegan.
Choosing to live a life free from animal products means choosing a path that is kinder to people, animals and the environment.
Main reasons for choosing a vegan lifestyle:

1) It's a healthy choice: Balanced vegan diets are often rich in vitamins, antioxidants and fibre and can decrease the chances of suffering from diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, stroke and some cancers.

2) It's compassionate: It is becoming more and more difficult to claim not to have at least some knowledge of the treatment that factory-farmed animals endure. Sentient, intelligent animals are kept in cramped and filthy conditions. At the same time, many suffer serious health problems and even death because they are selectively bred to grow or produce milk or eggs at a far greater rate than their bodies are capable of coping with.

3) It's better for the environment: Farming animals and growing their feed also contributes to other environmental problems such as deforestation, water pollution and land degradation. Isabella.

Personally, my dad taught me that, everyday, you have the chance to make a change. He never explains it further to me, just in times when I'm sad he'll say "You have the opportunity to change things everyday." and I started to believe him not long ago. Being 16 isn't a nice age indeed, it's where you're stuck between being a student and being almost independent and being under the force of your parents but have the pressure to know which collage you want to apply to. That's why I personally keep the changes small, but inspiring and well thought. I'll stick a note here and there with a sentence around 'You are beautiful!' on it, hoping someone will see it. I spend my days supporting my idols (yes Coldplay), working for a good future, telling my friends they are beautiful. The big changes come later, I guess. Right now, I'm preparing them. Anna, Germany, 16 years old.

It's simple how a sixteen year old can change the world, by having a dream and by being determined to make that dream a possibility, no matter how ludicrous the dream is. And if the sixteen year old is able to achieve his/her dream it will bring something very important to the rest of the people on this planet - hope.
Yours Faithfully, Bryn, 16.

I'm not sixteen yet, but I believe a fourteen year old kid can give you an answer. The first step: TRYING.
You can do ANYTHING if you TRY. If you know that you will put forth your greatest efforts, then you can move mountains.
The second step: find something you are already good at. If you are good at helping the elderly cross the street, then start there. Maybe you're a talented musician. Write songs that can change the way people think, kind of like Coldplay can.
Third step: SHARE your talent or gift with the world. If try you're hardest, while doing something you're good at, then people will listen. And although you may feel small, remember that all it takes is one match to light a fire. You can change the world. Anyone can. Carter.

To make trade fair, we have to break some barriers, the main is: pride political and economic. One of the idea is:

1 - The initiative of a supreme organization that commands the new laws and functioning of the economy of Africa and needy countries.

2 - the solution to the extinction of inflation in these countries.

3 - 'agricultural cultivation' excessive in all possible areas, taking advantage of their good land and creating jobs with a living wage for their efforts, growing economically and giving a better life people who live there. Leonardo.

The world can be really disillusioning. I can also relate to the feeling of insignificance. But I don't know if you can really measure something like that as big or small, or that doing so would really get you anywhere. It depends on the person that is affected. You could flip someone's world around, and have yours hardly flinch. I think we're all part of society and can contribute to the world we live in. The important thing to remember is that even though you aren't given a lot of credit or acclaim for something, it does not mean that it is a small deed. You can really only hope to make a difference in another person's world. Even if it doesn't change yours that much. Then again, there's the feeling of knowing you helped someone. Taking one step at a time, you could eventually change the world in a way, but that certainly won't happen at once or overnight. Hope this helps. Love, Darem.

I think you should be the change you want to see in the world. Like whatever you feel needs changing go out and do something about it. Raise money, create posters, make videos, raise awareness.
"Be the change you wish to see in the world" - Mahatma Gandhi
Aoife, Ireland.

You may never change the world. Bob Geldof tried with music, many dictators tried with force. You shouldn't worry about changing the world for everyone as the world is so big and diverse, what is beat for you is not best for all. Try changing the way you look at the world, if your happy and you do things in life you want to, you will feel bigger and the world will seem a better place. After all if you smile, the whole world will smile with you. Hope this helps kiddo. Craig.

I'm 21 and I realized a while ago that just like you I wanted to make the world a better place to live, not for me but for the people who don't have a good life. As a write to you, I still didn't do anything to reach that goal. I wanted to get involved, volunteering or something but I didn't do anything because I guess I'm just a coward! But you know I have to deal with school, family and everything. So my advice for you would be: do something, don't be like me! You could get information about local organisations, try to find a website maybe (for example, here in Belgium, we have Quinoa, which is a non-governmental organization, I guess you can check it). You can also talk about it to your friends, at school or even to your family. Who knows? Maybe they know somebody who knows somebody who already did that kind of stuff. I wish you all the best and I hope we can save the world together. Sabrina, Belgium.

I'm sixteen and I was wondering how can someone like me in a small Central American country can change the world? I came to a resolution: we can change the world by giving the best of us, by doing something good for the others and doing what we love to do the most. I love singing and maybe with one song I'm giving someone a little bit of happiness, maybe someone's day just got better because you smiled. That's how I think we can change the world at sixteen, by trying to be better humans. Vale.

First, you have already changed the world simply by asking this question. I am a 56 year female who is still asking questions, still questioning, still seeking to make the life of all on this planet a bit better. The biggest compliment ever given me was that I may not know all the answers, but I am never afraid to ask the questions.
And part of asking those questions is having an understanding of where to seek the answers. You may not always get it right the first time, but keep asking.
Proceed with an open heart and soul and respect for this planet and all people who dwell here. You will find your passion. Follow it, always ask questions, and never be afraid to be different. Many great prophets and leaders went "against the grain" of popular opinion. But if you trust your heart and soul and have a true desire to make a difference, you will do it. Even if it is a small act at first, it may blossom into a full flower. I know this because I went out on a limb to save the life of one child, who was not my own. It has made all the difference in my life, the life of the child and to others who I inspired. Please do not take this as bragging. I just know in my heart and from my own experience, I made a difference.
I hope this helps. Peace Be With You, June, USA.

Like you I thought about changing the world. I am seventeen and I also thought: what can someone my age do? Our society isn't perfect, there are some aspects I wish I can change or eliminate. Recently I heard of a girl at the age of fifteen, who makes headbands to fund African girls to go to school. Pretty amazing for someone her age. I thought: how can I change the world like this girl? How can I, one person, change the world? I narrowed my possibilities to not change the world, but to change someone's world. A long time ago, I used to be a student who needed special education; I was behind in English comprehension. Six years later, I no longer needed the special education, I was in fact ahead of many other students. Long story short: I realized that I could help other kids with special education. Where I'm going at is: try not to look at macrocosm, but a microcosm. Look for a group of people you can help and relate to the most, it may just change someone's world. Liz.

Technically just by breathing we change the world. Everything we do has an impact on the world even though it may not be huge. Everyone you see, everything you touch is different because of you. If you want to change the world positively, do good things. Actions speak louder then words. Be unique. Be a leader. Be the one that stands out. Stay strong in who you are and what you believe in. Be ready to be judged and criticized. Inspire yourself by others such as Gandhi, Mother Theresa and other great people. You learn much from others. Persevere and when the going gets tough stay strong.
Good luck, Andrea, Canada (16 years old).

I love that you want to change the world, that your heart cries out against injustice, pain, destruction, hatred, despair etc - please treasure your compassion, your heart, as the wonderful gift to the world that it already is! There is so much pain in the world that it is easy to become overwhelmed and not know where to start, so perhaps first, choose a cause you are passionate about and while you are still in school join an organisation that already exists ' you will see how this organisation is run, you will meet people with the same ideals and heart as you, in a way, it's like a mentorship! Perhaps later you could research - see what has been done, what has or hasn't worked, what is most needed, and come up with new or unusual/creative/better/more efficient ways of helping and creating change in our world! (And studying/going to college is also changing the world i.e. thinking ahead to the future what will humanity/our earth/this world need/be like? How can we prevent/help/etc) And Sam, please don't ever underestimate the seemingly 'small', remember 'To the world you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world (Dr Seuss) your kind words, your smile, are powerful and also change worlds, perhaps igniting courage, hope, change, where there's despair, loneliness, pain...(&, look up 'change the world' quotes, they always inspire me, All the best, Cali.

This is a question I've been wondering for quite some time now. I'm sixteen and often find myself flustered about how I'd go about improving this planet we call earth. I've come to believe no human can change the world single handedly. However with the assistance of our friends, family, teachers, community, and society; anything can be accomplished. Our predecessors that changed the world (Ghandi, Martin Luther King Jr, Leonardo DaVinci etc.) had help along the way. Especially for someone as young as myself, co-operation is crucial to change. A sixteen year old can thrive to be better than they were merely 24 hours ago as well as lead a group of people who have the same intentions. Sure, each human can be considered insignificant to our society, let alone our universe. However similar to how a single spark from a match can engulf a whole forest in flames, each young adult like myself has the potential to spark a chain reaction. We all just need to stand up, with no intention to budge, for what we believe in. Mohamed.

How commendable that you want to make the world a more peaceful place. This is very remarkable for someone your age.

While you have the right idea, it is a tall order so start small, maybe by volunteering at local level. Perhaps there is a need for help at a food bank or soup kitchen. Beyond that, get involved with organizations that reflect your values and work within them. Remember that sometimes small changes become huge when people recognize their value, I am thinking of the 26 acts of kindness that started as a result of the Newton tragedy. This has caught on and now people are trying to focus on the good in the world and not the bad .You may not change the world, but even if you change people's thinking, you may accomplish much good. Best of luck, Laurie.

Can a 16year old change the world? After all aren't teenagers these days perceived as technology addicts who vandalize, cause crime and generally make people feel uncomfortable? Yet these are bright young minds who are still able to see evil through it's disguises, who know what it's like to be a child or have adult responsibility, and are continuously amazing society when they are polite, friendly and happy.
There are lots of labels that go with teenagers. Many I feel are unfortunately negative but perhaps you could make a start on the world by changing those that other people impose on yourself. I'm not saying change who you are, or your personality, or your beliefs but what about trying extra hard to show people the best person you can really be. Hopefully and eventually many different people will look up to you and aspire to be like the amazing person you are. Jess.

I too at your age thought a lot like that, I still do today. Well let me start off by saying the world doesn't like to change quickly. It doesn't mater how big or small we may feel we are all constantly changing the world.

Dream the impossible. History has proven that nothing is impossible. Timing is everything. (Try thinking of something impossible, it's hard, isn't it?). Another key point is to give away your idea, don't expect to profit from it, influence the influencers, write a letter and even if they don't read it it's ok as long as someone read it the seed is planted. Good ideas tend to grow with other factors of course, something one person said could trigger an idea in another person and that person may not even realize that the other person was the trigger. Now to break it all down again, dream the impossible, inspire the inspirers, plant the seed, give it away, remove selflessness from the equation and stay positive. Jeffr.

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January 13, 2011 / submitted by Isabella, United States of America
Q.  I was wondering... in order to join the Oracle do you have to be a certain age?

I think you mean you mean Team Oracle. There is no age limit to submit your answers to the email address given or to submit a question via the website. Feel free to put your age in with your reply by the way.
The same applies when submitting anything to this section.

February 3, 2009 / submitted by Teresa, United Kingdom
Q.  Hi Oracle..I attended Chris's acoustic session in London today (which was amazing) and as we drove on the M4 to get there, we saw a huge sign that read.."FOR THE ORACLE, LEAVE AT JUNCTION 11". Is this TRULY the residing place of the 'all wise one'? If it isn't, it at least brought a smile to our faces. x

Ha! The Oracle has been to The Oracle a number of times which sounds like some kind of psychosis! The vast shopping mall in Reading, home to the festival has super shops, restaurants and a cinema plus ample parking. Now I sound like an advert...