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October 5, 2010 / submitted by Gustavo, Mexico
Q.  Hello friends, is there any possibility that Noel Gallagher collaborate with you on any disc or song? I would like to know. Greetings

Chris & Jonny did a live performance with Noel back in 2002. Other than Noel and Coldplay's band members being in the audience at their respective shows, there's been no real collaboration to speak of including the Band Aid 20 record. Oasis were recording at the time and Noel reportedly said that the record featured "lots of people (in there) that we have a problem with". He did add that "I like Chris Martin. He's a friend of mine" so it's not a personal issue.

November 30, 2009 / submitted by Helmut, Austria
Q.  There has been a concert of Coldplay some years ago where Noel G. attend and Chris climbed up the tribune during In My Place to give him a hug. Do you know when this concert was?

Noel Gallagher has been to more than one Coldplay show but given that I was sat next to Noel on the occasion you mention I remember only too well that it was at Hackney's Round Chapel back on Tuesday 19th April 2005. It featured Chris perform a spectacular jump from the balcony that left a lot of people nervous!

January 14, 2009 / submitted by Rafael, United Kingdom
Q.  Hi Oracle
I found 2 videos on youtube with Chris and Jonny with Noel Gallagher perfoming Live Forever and Yellow, when and where was that?

The event was called Fairplay and took place at the Astoria in London on October 29, 2002. It was a Make Trade Fair awareness gig organized by, amongst others, Emily Eavis who along wither her father Michael runs Glastonbury Festival.
Chris & Jonny followed Noel Gallagher's set to which Chris said, "It's like being allowed on stage after the sixth formers have gone out for a fag". They then performed an acoustic set of In My Place, Don't Panic (with Simon Pegg playing the harmonica part) and The Scientist.
Chris then introduced Ms Dynamite and they launched in to It Takes More with Chris and Jonny on guitar. They followed this with Ms Dynamite and Chris singing Bob Marley's Three Little Birds with Jonny on guitar and then straight into Dy-Na-Mi-Tee with Chris singing backing vocals.
Noel returned and played guitar on Yellow. They continued with a cover of The Smiths song Stop Me if you Think You've Heard This One Before followed by Live Forever.
Chris took to his piano for a solo performance of Many Rivers to Cross, which he previously sang in Trafalgar Square when the Make Trade Fair campaign was launched. The finale was Whatever morphed into The Beatles’ Octopus’s Garden.