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April 13, 2015 / submitted by Peter, United Kingdom
Q.  Did Tim Wheeler of Ash really play guitar on 1.36? If so what part?

Yes, he did - I've always assumed the part Chris would normally play but I can't be sure. There's an article about it here.

April 8, 2015 / submitted by Marli, Portugal
Q.  hello
I would like to know the meaning of symbols in chris martin guitar in the video clip of ink music
the symbols are well visible on the link below* in time 1:01
whaiting your answer, sorry my englisg
best regards

*(EDIT: link removed).

I've made it easier by posting this photo of it. You can see from left to right a heart (representing True Love), a ghost (Ghost Stories) and an O (O).

November 27, 2014 / submitted by George, United Kingdom
Q.  Hi Oracle,
I have a statement and a question in one; the end of Another's Arms (final chorus) is the best bit of guitar I've ever heard from Jonny. I've listened to every album countless times and seen the guys live and that is without doubt his best bit of work ever... try and let him know ;)
I was wondering - what is favourite work of Jonny's ever?

Over to Matt:
"Jon's a modest fellow but I remember a moment at the Bakery some time ago, after someone had instigated a 'what's your favourite riff you've ever been involved with' game, which resulted in the following memorable exchange*:

ME: 'Easy. What To Do About Headlice - The Duty Prefects, 1980'

JONNY: 'Probably The Scientist'

BRIAN ENO: 'Well, I suppose Heroes was pretty good!'


Mine? That's tough. Quite often something will just happen one night that blows you away. But I never get bored of him playing Clocks. And as you say, Another's Arms is pretty good!"

*Jonny may of course have a new fave since this chat.

November 26, 2014 / submitted by Jonathan, United States of America
Q.  What amp is it that Jonny is using on this Ghost Stories tour? It's different from his dual DeVilles.

Well spotted - we went a bit minimal on this run cos of the smaller venues. Jonny's onstage amp is a vintage Silvertone Twin Twelve but most of what you're hearing is a Kemper Amp Profiler, set to a custom patch. MMcG.

November 25, 2014 / submitted by Chris, United Kingdom
Q.  To my dearest, beloved Oracle,
What effect/amp settings are used on Strawberry Swing?

Thanks, Chris.

Matt: The main effect you can hear on this riff of Jonny's is a Boss DD5 Delay pedal on the reverse setting. A long Eventide reverb comes in for the big chords in the middle. It's a while back and my notes are buried but I'm pretty sure he recorded it on a Fender Jazzmaster then reverted to a Thinline Tele for gigs.
Amp wise, the recorded sound is most likely a Fender Pro Reverb on a fairly clean setting; live on the Viva tour we used two Fender 2x12 Hot Rod Devilles in stereo but the settings have changed a lot since. Plus we've had the amps modified (Celestion Vintage Speakers, less sensitive Volume pots).

November 25, 2014 / submitted by Andrea, Peru
Q.  Could you please tell me all the names that Jonny have give to his guitars.

Matt: OK, er...right. Sunny, Blacky, Browny, Sunny B, Bluey, Old Gibby, Reddy, Punky, Starry, Foamy, Jazzy A, Jazzy long have you got?! Lots of them don't have a name too. It's a big list!

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September 4, 2014 / submitted by Steven, United States of America
Q.  Hello Oracle,

I'm curious if J orders his guitars custom, buys them in random shops, or perhaps a mixture of both?


PS - Love the video for magic.

Matt: Yeah, a big mixture. You said it!

September 4, 2014 / submitted by Jeroen, Belgium
Q.  How did Jonny get his hands on his Boss DD-5 Digital Delay pedals? Because apparently you can't buy them anymore?

Matt's back: We got his when they were still making them, I think. You'll probably need to go on eBay* now, I'm afraid.

*Other auction sites - or similar - are available.

September 3, 2014 / submitted by Sam, Australia
Q.  Hi Oracle,
I've been loving Coldplay's performances of the new songs from Ghost Stories, but I wanted to know what guitars and amps Jonny is using, as they look really different to what he used for the last few albums.


Sunny and the Strat mentioned previously, mainly. Amps-wise it's been the Kemper profilers plus an old Silvertone or two.