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January 27, 2015 / submitted by Callum , United Kingdom
Q.  Heyy Oracle,

I seem to remember around the time X & Y came out I saw a music video about two manakins, one a man and one a women and one of them was "fixing" the other. I'm sure I can remember it being for Fix You but obviously it's not the official video. I was wondering if it's maybe a video used by music channels before the release of the official video or if it is for a completely different song?
Thanks in advance

I've never heard of any other video for Fix You than the one we all know and love (& as I have mentioned before, I am in). Quite a few mannequin music videos exist (like daft Punk's Instant Crush) but as you think it's around X&Y, that does narrow it down somewhat. I'm not convinced it's Heavy on My Heart by Anastacia though it fits the time frame. If anyone thinks they know, feel free to drop me a line.

February 10, 2014 / submitted by Feike, Netherlands
Q.  I have a question about the lamp in the Fix You video. What kind of lamp/light hangs above the stage when Chris grabs the rope and starts swinging it? The lamp is also seen in the live version of Fix You on the Glastonbury festival in 2005.
I`m asking this because I'm thinking about getting a tattoo of the lamp with some lyrics underneath it.

When Chris had the idea for a swinging light bulb, it wasn't actually going to be used for Fix You but a different song. I'm sorry I can't remember which now, even though I was at the rehearsals when it was introduced.
It literally did start off as a light bulb. It's not a special lamp or one where I can direct you to a similar one. I'm afraid it's going to be a case of looking at the video and freeze framing any shots of it.

December 6, 2012 / submitted by Olivia, Australia
Q.  On the last leg of the Mylo Xyloto Australian 2012 tour - friends and I made a sign which read: Please Play Swallowed In The Sea.

Mr Martin himself looked at the sign, smiled and bowed his head to us. We were optimistic to hope the band would play it for us.

My question for you Oracle aswell as the crowd at the Brisbane performance - was it just the 5 of us at the front or did Chris sing one line of Swallowed in the Sea leading into their second to last song Fix You?

Please confirm this - we would love to know whether we had wishful thinking or if in fact Mr Martin was teasingly acknowledging our sign!

I saw your sign on the panorama photo so there's no doubt the band will have. Even though it's extremely tricky to work out exactly what Chris is saying I can certainly hear what sounds like one particular part of Swallowed in the Sea. I'd say that yes, he did reference your sign. That sounds like a very Chris thing to do.

October 17, 2012 / submitted by Rachel, United Kingdom
Q.  Hello, you mentioned the projection in the Fix You video and I read that the blocks that are being projected is code? So I was wondering what are the blocks saying in the background?

The projection (on the National Theatre, South Bank) says Make Trade Fair.

October 16, 2012 / submitted by Seth Q, Australia
Q.  Dear Oracle,
In the Fix You music video, when Chris is walking in the middle of the road, in the third verse, there is an X&Y advertisment on a sign in the background. Was that intentional?
Please answer my question! I won't stop asking until you do (It would save you a lot of time)!

It's not an advert; it was a deliberate projection.

p.s I don't often do as I am told so that didn't sway my decision to answer but since you brought it up, re-sending questions is not the best way to get a response ;-)

August 20, 2012 / submitted by James, United Kingdom
Q.  I was looking through a setlist on WikiColdplay and it said that they performed Songbird/Fix You, is Songbird just another name for Fix You or two different songs?

They are two different songs. Song titles appear on setlists as if the whole song was performed but more often than not, it's just Chris singing a few lyrics from the songs. Songbird is an Oasis track.

July 23, 2009 / submitted by Rose, United States of America
Q.  Hello wonderful Oracle! I have a question. I've been told that the song Fix You was written in honour of the London bus bombings in 2005. Is this true?? Thank you in advance!

This is a common belief due to the start of the video being set in London shortly after the atrocities took place. It was written well before this though but is in fact very apt as the theme of the song is loss and grief.

July 14, 2009 / submitted by Ready for July Twenty, Portugal
Q.  Fix You video is confusing me. I know when a band makes a music video at a show they do the song twice. With Fix You though, I look at the people in the front row and they are actually different people. So this proves that it wasn't filmed twice in one night (like most music videos). Then I thought, it was filmed at two venues. This cant be true since it as the same place in all shots. What is going on Mr. Oracle? How did Coldplay film the Fix You video?

They played 2 nights at Bolton's Reebok stadium where it was filmed.