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March 21, 2012 / submitted by Eelco, Netherlands
Q.  Best Oracle in the world,

Last year I saw Coldplay at the Pinkpop Festival, it was my first festival ever. I saw lots of people wearing weird and funny clothes.
I'll be going to Pinkpop again this year with some friends. My friends want to dress up funny, but I don't now why I should do it too.

Would you dress up funny for a festival?

Greets from Holland,

Personally no, I wouldn't dress up at any festival - though I should point out that I generally love fancy dress. Bestival is a festival that encourages people to dress up on the Saturday and I know that the first day of T in the Park some people do attend in costume too.
I suggest you only do what YOU feel comfortable doing and that's not just my advice for dressing up for Pinkpop, but for life!

August 2, 2011 / submitted by Laurens, Belgium
Q.  Dear Oracle,
I watched iTunes festival and saw that the boys were very tired at the end! How physically demanding are festivals? How do you prepare yourself for something like that?

To be honest Laurens, the iTunes festival isn't the same as a summer festival per se. It was a month long event with different headliners each night (plus supporting guests) at a relatively small indoor venue (The Roundhouse).
The reason the boys may have appeared tired is because the venue was blazing hot so it was more to do with heat than anything.
They had had a busy day however but they were in tip top shape.
Generally whether festivals or touring the band do prepare themselves physically with work out sessions and a healthy eating regime. Touring can be gruelling especially the last jaunt travelling to Japan then on to Australia and L.A in a short space of time.

July 7, 2011 / submitted by Jakob, Sweden
Q.  Will there be any Roadie #42 blog-post on the Coldplay gig from Where The Action Is festival in Gothenburg? I really love that blog and I would love to read about what he, and perhaps the band, thought of their performance and the Swedish crowd.

Love from Sweden!

I'm aware that if fans had their way, there'd be a blog from every show. Each gig is special and that's even more so if it happens you are at a particular one - I totally relate to that. However, #42 simply doesn't have enough time to blog after every show. Sometimes he mentions a particular crowd, an occurrence or any shocks/surprises the show threw up, but generally he writes when he has time to fill you in on what's been happening. There's obviously one or two where he feels a greater need to report (such as Glastonbury) but rest assured, everyone is having a great time on this festival tour, so if your show isn't mentioned, it's nothing personal.

June 8, 2011 / submitted by Thibault, France
Q.  Hi Mr the Oracle,
I saw that the Rock am Ring festival was broadcast, but I didn't know it, and I am quite disappointed to have missed such an opportunity. So I wanted to ask you, do you know if others shows of Coldplay are gonna be broadcast?
Thank you very very much!

Yes, quite a few of these big festivals will be televised. They may only be showing in certain territories as is quite normal. I don't have transmission times for the globe but I will endeavour to get some/all of them and ask Anchorman to post them. BBC always show Glastonbury for example so maybe you have a big TV company who broadcast such events. It may be easier to look at your local TV listings around the time of the festival.

June 7, 2011 / submitted by J, Germany
Q.  Hi everybody,
thank you for that amazing (wet) gig on Saturday Night at the Rock am Ring Festival!
It was my first Coldplay show and it will be definitely not the last one.
Is it possible to get a live recording (Audio and/or Video) of this gig?

Greetz from Germany!

As it was televised there are very good quality videos up on YouTube but there's no other source. No official recordings are available and we're only two shows in so that wouldn't be likely at this stage.

March 4, 2011 / submitted by thenowhereman, United Kingdom
Q.  Dear Oracle, I am a huge Coldplay fan. Not size-wise, but I truly love this band and their current output. I was even on the boat in the Christmas Lights video. Yet I am peeved. Peeved and annoyed. Testy, you might say. Why, I don't hear you ask? How can a band headline, like, fifteen or sixteen major festivals with no new stuff. It's insane. Apart from myself and other huge fans, some may be big size-wise, no one cares. Seriously. Please tell me what I'm hearing about the next albums release date is false and that it's actually coming before the festivals. Otherwise this group is gonna go down like a lead balloon.

Well nowhereman... I can see how a fan of a band waiting for a new album can feel frustrated at not hearing new material at festivals but I passionately disagree.
I know that back in 2002 they played new songs at Glastonbury after a mini UK tour showcasing AROBTTH but that's because when they booked to play there originally, the album release date had been scheduled for before the event but was put back.
You have to remember that festivals are not usual concerts in that not everyone is there to see Coldplay. It's great to go to a festival and see a band you've never seen before. You may know all the songs but wouldn't necessarily be a fan. I love having a great time courtesy of a band that I'm not that familiar with. Given that not everyone there is a fan, it's different "rules".
I contest what you say about the band going down like a lead balloon; you may as well be saying that every band who is appearing at every festival better be playing new songs or not bother and I have a strong feeling that you're not saying that at all as that's utter nonsense, sorry.

Just to repeat what I said on previous post, if you're looking for Team Oracle you may have noticed the server went down and unfortunately it wiped this week's responses from the system. They will now appear on Sunday as I'm afraid commitments mean I cannot address the problem until then. Sorry folks!