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September 25, 2014 / submitted by Ihab, Jordan
Q.  Is it possible to get the EPs of Coldplay before they were named Coldplay?
Thank you

No, there aren't any. The band didn't record or distribute Starfish demos.

June 12, 2014 / submitted by Sue, United States of America
Q.  When MX was out, I read that the band had enough songs left over for another album. Are any of those songs on Ghost Stories? If not, what happens to them?

No. I'm pretty sure that none of Coldplay's albums feature a left over track from a previous album.
They may write a new song on the road and perform it but the song rarely makes the next record - Gravity, Ladder to the Sun, Spanish Rain / Don Quixote, Wedding Bells etc. One obvious exception is In My Place that was written while touring Parachutes and ended up on AROBTTH.
Songs aren't thrown away per se and there will be demo versions at least but that doesn't mean we will ever hear them. The band do sometimes go back to lyrics, hooks and elements that they liked and pick them up again for something new.

October 29, 2013 / submitted by Matt P, United Kingdom
Q.  Hello Mighty Oracle,

I know it's been mentioned on here before that Coldplay only played a handful of shows before they were signed, but how many completed songs did they have at that point, and did any of them make it onto an album? Thank you so much!

The total number of songs depends on whether the band were counting discarded songs. Their set list was short and as you may know, they had so few songs to perform live at their first shows that they would sometimes play a song twice.
The Safety EP consisted of 3 songs and they followed that up with a tape of 2 (Ode to Deodorant and Brothers & Sisters) but there was another cassette before these demos existed that contained about 5 other tracks.
They didn't play all of these live but of those 10, only 2 made it on to an album; Don't Panic and High Speed were both on Parachutes.
There may have been more songs that were never recorded but to my knowledge, this is their repertoire circa 1998.

February 5, 2013 / submitted by Billy, United States of America
Q.  Greetings Oracle,
Has Coldplay ever played any of their songs that they recorded as demos? If not will they? I would love to hear some songs from the Viva la Vida demos live!


Yes, they have. This is in no way meant to be a definitive guide but off the top of my head here are a few including their varying stages of demo life...
They played Vitamins and So Sad in the very early days - these songs were committed to tape only.
Ode to Deodorant was also performed yet remained as a demo.
In My Place was conceived & performed long before recording for AROBTTH actually started. It was of course eventually released officially but was a problematic song to get right due to how long it had been floating around in their live repertoire.
Murder and Animals were played live and although at first intended for AROBTTH, eventually became b-sides (there are a few examples of this, such as No More Keeping My Feet On The Ground).
Ladder to the Sun and Idiot didn't make the album or b-sides but were performed.
Sweet Marianne and Don Quixote/Spanish Rain also spring to mind as tracks played live but never recorded.
Chris has performed Bucket For A Crown & Wedding Bells too and neither of those have appeared anywhere officially.

September 10, 2010 / submitted by Peter, United States of America
Q.  Greetings Oracle...
The burning question I have for you today is has Coldplay ever considered releasing demo recordings of their songs on their albums? After hearing an early version of Talk, I'm curious as to what other songs sounded this wonderful during the recording process...
Hope you come back for another tour soon!!

The leaked versions of Talk were up to the same standard that the rest of the album was. I often associate demos as being rough versions of songs before the studio sessions get under way; pre-production if you like.
There's no point in releasing demo versions of any songs.
The only time the band ever released demos was on The Blue Room EP and to be honest, they were all great quality recordings too.