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October 29, 2013 / submitted by Anna, United States of America
Q.  Greetings, Oracle :)
In the liner notes for the A Rush of Blood to the Head CD, on the copyright page, it says "The scientist is Dan." Can you explain this to me? Who is he, why, etc.?

This has cropped up before: here and here. I do recall at the time Dan was going through a painful break-up (as was I) and that was somewhat the inspiration behind the song.

April 17, 2013 / submitted by margaret, United States of America
Q.  Dearest Oracle,
I found this picture on Google Images, and I can see that the one on the right is Will, but who is the other one? Thank you so much! 


P.S. DO you think Coldplay will ever come to Louisville, KY for a tour? It's the only way I would ever go to a Coldplay concert... :(

That's Dan Green - their sound engineer.

December 11, 2012 / submitted by Angelica, Australia
Q.  Hello Oracle!
I was just wondering one thing. Is Dan Portanier the "trainer" (seen at the back of the Mylo Xyloto tour book) a voice coach or physical trainer or a trainer to keep the boys from bursting into 5 year olds??

The final part of your question made me laugh, thank you.
Dan - affectionately known to us all as Trainer Dan - is the band's personal trainer in the physical workout sense.

August 21, 2008 / submitted by hera, United States of America
Q.  On the cover of A Rush of Blood to the Head, it says; The Scientist is Dan. What does that mean?

Dan Keeling was the guy who signed them to Parlophone. He was their A&R man before he moved on a few years ago. Dan not only bore inspiration for the song of the same name but also the album in terms of being quite harsh with his honest opinions during recording. Referring to him as The Scientist was a compliment even though The Scientist isn't a biographical song about Dan.