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April 20, 2015 / submitted by Marcela, Brazil
Q.  Hi, dear Oracle !! I have this question that keeps me wondering all the time, it's about the clothes that the band wears. My question is: who decides the kind of clothes they will gonna wear on tour and how are they made.
Thank you very very much!

The band come up with the initial ideas - style / colour / theme - and then meet with stylists.
The clothes are not all made the same way. Some are custom made (Viva / Mylo) and some are off the rail and some are a combination of both.
The Viva outfits are a great example of what I mean, as you can see here.

April 10, 2013 / submitted by Kate, United Kingdom
Q.  I've heard that Guy makes all the clothes for each of the different eras? Is this down to his expert modelling skills?

Oooh I don't know where you heard that but it's not true. Guy doesn't "make" their stage clothes.
The band are all involved in the look of the attire they wear to represent the album/tour. They choose styles, colours, designs - including doodling their own ideas for badges, appliques and any other additional bespoke items.
They have designers and wardrobe experts who will collate the ideas, source the material / garments and customize them with the band's individual requests.
They do sometimes have custom made garb too. Stella McCartney collaborated with the band for Viva's costumes.

August 28, 2012 / submitted by Dona, United States of America
Q.  Hello Oracle :)

I was just wondering if the boys ever pick out their own MX clothes to wear on stage or on tv shows? Or does someone else (like Phil) tell them what to wear? Because I remember Chris saying that Phil tells them what to wear, etc. Is that true?

It's not strictly true, no.
From the start of an album & tour's conception Phil is there during all the decision making so does have a say in the style and overall creative feel etc. of the outfits but it's very much a team effort.
They all choose their look together and have a hand in colours, designs and ideas - along with Phil and a designer.
They do discuss costumes - for want of a better word - for TV / award appearances.
When it comes to the shows, they have choices of what to wear within their travelling wardrobe so mix it up a bit.

July 10, 2012 / submitted by Eve, France
Q.  Hi Oracle,

How many T-shirts and pants have the band for the shows?
When I see the pics during their MX tour, I noted that they wear the same clothes. And I don't think they have only 1 pant and T-shirt.
Thanks :)

The guys have a wardrobe flight case each with various changes of clothes and footwear. If you look back at Anchorman's live blogs, historically they often show a photo of the clothes. If you scroll down this one from the Emirates blog, you will see a picture of Chris' garments.

March 5, 2012 / submitted by Craig, United Kingdom
Q.  Hi there,
just wondering if the bands clothing is custom made or if I can buy similar gear in the shops as I love the colours and graffiti used in them ?
Look forward to a reply thanks :)

The beauty of Coldplay stage costumes is that you can easily recreate the look at home and most of the key items can be found on the high street. Ooh get me, I sound like Gok Wan.
Any that aren't available from popular chains can be replaced by similar items given that they will be customized with dye or paint to change their appearance anyway.

July 21, 2011 / submitted by Maaike, Canada
Q.  Hi Oracle,
I hope you're well. Did the boys make their own clothes for the upcoming tour like they did for the Viva tour? If not, who did? Thanks! :)

The band are involved in ideas for what their clothes will look like and did have a hand in certain customising of the Viva costumes but didn't actually make them.
The same goes for the current clothes. Beth, their stylist, bought various pieces and got t shirts screenprinted etc. The band designed patches that were added and they all put bits of spray paint on them.

July 28, 2008 / submitted by Karen, United Kingdom
Q.  How many articles of the same clothing do the guys have to use during the whole tour? Who washes the clothes and where?

There is a vast array of clothes in the touring wardrobe. The designs are similar but each one is uniquely customized. Due to their delicacy, the clothes are taken by one of their assistants (Vicki or E.J) to be dry-cleaned after every show.