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June 23, 2011 / submitted by Charles, United States of America
Q.  Hi dear Oracle, iI want to know who is Dominic Leung and what he has to do with Coldplay?

Thank you.

Dominic Leung is a director (& editor). His link to Coldplay is that he directed the video for Clocks, that's his only connection.

April 12, 2011 / submitted by Lu, Chile
Q.  Hi Oracle! here's another "meaning question".
In the 2005 Storytellers Coldplay show, Will uses a phrase when he talks about Clocks, (that at first he didn't like)... what's that idiom? I think it's something related to the word "hat"... what's the meaning of that expression?
Please answer this cause it's a bit difficult to get those phrases.
Thanks so very much!!!

In this case the idiom was "if Clocks is a hit I'll eat my hat".
The phrase means that you don't think something could happen SO much that you're prepared to do something insanely ridiculous if "it" actually happens. So strong is their belief that "it" will never happen they feel safe to say it as they're also implying they won't need to.

Let me put the phrase into another context. You know when Stevie asked me the other day how likely was it for unreleased songs Famous Old Painters and Don Quixote to be on the fifth album? Well, I'll eat my hat if they are!

(p.s Will wasn't keen on the song but I'm pretty sure it wasn't him who actually said those words).

February 28, 2011 / submitted by Thomas, United Kingdom
Q.  Hi dear Oracle, I got a question Coldplay related.

If the song Clocks was released in April of 2003 as a single and all of that
why did the song win the Grammy for the record of the year in 2004?


The Grammy year of eligibility doesn't run from January - December as a normal calendar so the release dates fall into different brackets rather than what you would think usual.
Hence Clocks' release as a single was eligible for the Grammy nomination and win in 2004 despite the album it came from being a winner the previous year.

February 23, 2011 / submitted by Stephen M, United States of America
Q.  Oh Almighty Oracle,
I was wondering if you can answer this for me. So I enjoy listening to Coldplay live and I often listen to their performance of Clocks at the IOW Festival back in 2005. After he sings the the round of "home..where I wanted to go" he says something, but I can't understand what he's saying. Do you know what he said? Thanks a lot.

Ah I loved that performance... Chris says "it's a new arrangement but it's a good one" before the song starts to speed up to an almost frenetic climax.

June 17, 2009 / submitted by Julie, United States of America
Q.  Oracle,
Wow...not only do you know everything you're fast. Thanks so much for answering my question about the new live version of Clocks. I realized after reading your response I realize now I should have been more specific. Following the verse "nothing else compares" and before "home home..." Chris repeats a phrase. Sorry I wasn't clear the first time.

Thanks to Gonzalo from Argentina who was the first to spot that you probably meant the live version of Clocks on LRLRL.

"Don't you think Julie, from the USA, was trying to ask you about the phrase "uno, dos, tres, cuatro" repeated by Chris over and over again in the track Clocks in LRLRL (right after the verse "nothing else compares..."), in the question she asked on 12th June?"

And to the others that asked, it means "one, two, three, four" in Spanish.

June 17, 2009 / submitted by Annabel, Hong Kong
Q.  Hi Oracle,

In the song When Love Takes Over by David Guetta and Kelly Rowland, there is a piano part which sounds almost just like Clocks. Is that them copying Coldplay?

Diego from Mexico also wanted to know whether permission had been sought for that melody line. The thing you have to remember with music is similarity does not mean copy. Granted the piano riff in the above mentioned song sounds almost identical but the point is, it isn't and therefore there was no breach of copyright.

June 12, 2009 / submitted by julie, United States of America
Q.  During the live version of Clocks on LEFTRIGHTLEFTRIGHTLEFT, Chris is heard repeating a phrase over and over after the verse "nothing else compares". Can you tell us what he is singing?

"Home, home, where I wanted to go".

June 2, 2009 / submitted by Bethandreea, United Kingdom
Q.  What is the cover for the Clocks supposed to be?
Everything else connected to a A Rush Of Blood To The Head is a face. But Clocks however stands out.

Two Clocks questions in one day! Anyway, if you look at the cover and imagine you are underneath looking up, you can certainly spot the nose and other features.

June 2, 2009 / submitted by Melanie, Canada
Q.  When you say that the band Muse inspired the song Clocks... what do you mean by that ? In which way ?

It was mostly Matt Bellamy's piano style that inspired the track. You can almost hear it in the rhythm of Clocks' pounding keys.

April 7, 2009 / submitted by Stefanie, Peru
Q.  Ohhhhhh lovely Oracle! When was the video of Clocks made??

Back in February 2003 students from local colleges were invited along to appear as extras in the Clocks video directed by Dominic Leung at London Dockland's Excel Building.