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March 10, 2015 / submitted by James, United Kingdom
Q.  Hello! I was watching the 60 minutes special on Coldplay and towards the end Chris starts playing Christmas Lights. However, it is a completely different version so my question to you is - is this version available or will it ever see the light of day? It sounded great!!


James from East Kilbride, Scotland

See the previous answer today. No, it's not likely to see the light of day. That's not the version that was recorded or released so that's not the version the band would now want us to hear. I hope you understand and that makes sense;
it was a work in progress.
The 60 Minutes special was aired was a year + before Christmas Lights was released and including the Christmas Lights idea was a rare glimpse behind the curtain.
Personally, I also like seeing such clips but the final version is way better. It's a complete, fully formed idea and you can hear where it developed from the snippet.

*I've included a clip because it's in the public domain :-)

February 4, 2015 / submitted by Saad, Morocco
Q.  Dear Oracle,
So I was listening to Wedding Bells and it just hit me that it sounds a lot like Christmas Lights musically and lyrically too (I always loved you and I always will). Is it just a coincidence ? Or is there an actual relation between the two songs ?
Thanks a lot for all the answers you provide, and know that we love Coldplay, Phil Harvey, Anchorman and the Oracle, and we always will.

Thank you for your kind words.
It's not really a coincidence. They were both written by Chris so that's the first connection. Wedding Bells came first but was never fully recorded or released. Christmas Lights was born from its ashes in a way. They were very close in terms of when they were written. This is a common thing for writers - & I've mentioned it before - songs can take a new form. Wedding Bells was a work in progress and obviously there were elements - both musically & lyrically - that (pardon the pun) struck a chord with Chris. Good ideas are good ideas and they'll find a way of cropping up when the right moment comes along.

October 9, 2014 / submitted by Lea, Germany
Q.  Hello lovely Oracle,
I have a question to an unreleased song called Wedding Bells Chris played on an Apple Event once. Some people in the internet say that it became UFO, some others say it became Christmas Lights. What is true?
Thanks for your help, greetings from Germany! :)

I don't really hear any resemblance between Wedding Bells (2009) and UFO (2011) but I can certainly hear similarities to Christmas Lights (2010). Before the Apple event in 2010, a clip of Wedding Bells appeared in 2009 on The South Bank Show.
It's not that Wedding Bells "became" another song but it was a work in progress and elements lyrically & sonically ended up being incorporated into Christmas Lights.

May 5, 2014 / submitted by Peter, United Kingdom
Q.  Hi Oracle!
I was watching Jools Holland and I noticed Jonny sitting behind the piano during the start of Magic but the piano was playing itself, so I was wondering If Jonny played the intro or was he sat there for another reason?

A few people have asked about the piano playing itself. This isn't the first time the band have adopted this technique (don't forget, it also featured in the Christmas Lights video). More of you seem to have noticed with Magic especially as Chris wasn't sat at it.
Jonny does indeed play the beginning which can be seen more clearly from footage of their recent performance for Sports Relief.

March 18, 2014 / submitted by Andrea, Ecuador
Q.  Dear Oracle
I realized that in the Christmas Lights video appears a phrase in the up part of the theater said this "CREDO ELVEM ETIAM VIVERE". Does it have a special meaning for the song or what does it really means ? and Which language is used for written? Thanks for your attention and I hope your gentile response.

It means "I believe Elvis lives" in Latin. There is a reference to Elvis in the song: "Like some drunken Elvis singin'" and - as you may have spotted - there are some violining Elvises in the video.

January 23, 2014 / submitted by Chris, United Kingdom
Q.  Hi Oracle! What happened in the ending of this video? Thanks!

Many musicians use click tracks to help keep time and synchronize - especially at live shows. Much like a metronome they click - hence the name - and give precise indications. In the video, Chris has come in too early so he & Will discuss how many clicks it is before his cue to sing/play.

June 25, 2013 / submitted by Fabian, Germany
Q.  Hey,
I was listening to Zane Lowe's first play of Christmas Lights and he was describing a "pink, origami-like" packaging. Chris said, that they made only 100 of them. Can I see a photo of that awesome artwork?

Here is what it looks like inside but outside it was just plain pink envelope style. I have seen one but don’t actually own one myself.

April 2, 2013 / submitted by Trinidad, Argentina
Q.  Hi Oracle, well I've a simple question, I love Christmas Lights, but I don't know from what cd is (I have all the cd's from Coldplay, and it isn't in no one). So, it's in a EP?
Thanks for your time. Congrats from Argentina.

Christmas Lights was released as a digital download only so is not available on any physical release.

January 8, 2013 / submitted by Elizabeth, United States of America
Q.  Hey Oracle!
Hope you're having a great new year, my question for you is, what city was the music video for Christmas Lights shot in? Please let me know!

The video was shot entirely on location in London.

December 17, 2012 / submitted by Sara, Hungary
Q.  Hi Oracle!
I've just seen a Christmas Lights Behind the scenes video, and I am wondering if it is possible that I saw Simon Pegg like one of the "violin players".

Simon Pegg was more than a violin player, he was Elvis!