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January 13, 2015 / submitted by Ethan, United States of America
Q.  Hello Oracle!
Happy belated New Year to you:)
I was wondering, when Chris records his vocal parts does he play along with an instrument? Or does he sing them with the music playing behind him?
Thanks so much, hope you have a wonderful day!
Ethan :)

These days, it's actually not all that common to record a band playing all together, rarer that a vocalist would sing along with an instrument. It's usual to record via multitracking part by part and then to layer up. The drums & bass first followed by guitar... the vocals are almost always after the main instruments are down.
That said, Coldplay have recorded as a band (still with vocals and overdubs added after) - a lot of Mylo Xyloto was recorded in the big space at The Beehive.

January 7, 2015 / submitted by Sarah , United Kingdom
Q.  Hey Oracle,
I know that Chris writes most of his music in the middle of the night. How does he function with such little sleep? He's always so energized and upbeat!

Chris' sister once told me that not getting much sleep runs in the family. Not everyone needs 7 or 8 hours a night - I do! They do say that geniuses don't sleep much. Prince doesn't either but neither did Margaret Thatcher but then again, I don't know how many politicians can sleep. Ooh, get me sneaking a little political joke in!

December 16, 2014 / submitted by Chris, United States of America
Q.  Is this movie actually happening? As a Coldplay/Foo Fighters fan, I would absolutely love it!!

Not so much "happnening" as "happened"! This is very old news - going back as far as 2002.
I've answered questions about it before in 2009, 2012 & 2013.

December 16, 2014 / submitted by Dino, Switzerland
Q.  Dear Oracle,
what does it mean that Simon Pegg is godfather to Chris's daughter? I mean, is it like godfather in baptism (sacrament) or something else? Thanks, stay strong and cool, cheers and merry Christmas! D.

Yes, it's exactly that - like in Baptism. Traditionally a godparent (you have a godmother and godmother) agrees to be the guardian of the child in the event of the parent's death. Non-religious people can also appoint someone in a similar role. It's usually someone close to the parent & child in a position of valued friendship & trust who holds shared values.
It's definitely not like The Godfather.

December 10, 2014 / submitted by Eric, United States of America
Q.  When recording Lost+ did Chris help write Jay Z's rap?

I can't imagine for one second that Jay needs any help with his rap lyrics despite Chris' rapesque technique on The Nappies track!

December 2, 2014 / submitted by Allen, Philippines
Q.  Hello Oracle!
Did Chris ever had a duet? Instead of Jay-Z, Kanye West, and Rihanna?

Yes. One particularly overlooked duet was with Ron Sexmith on the lovely Gold In Them Hills. Chris sings the second verse.

Aside from this duet, Chris has also collaborated with quite a few artists contributing to varying degrees with songwriting, playing and singing. Some of his original vocals that were recorded didn't end up on the final cuts. For example, there were different versions of Nelly Furtado's All Good Things that Chris co-wrote and performed on.
Chris also originally sang the backing vocals on The Streets' Dry Your Eyes but due to a label issue, he was totally replaced.

November 10, 2014 / submitted by Chiara, Italy
Q.  Hello Oracle! :)
I was enjoying the new Damien Rice's album called My Favourite Faded Fantasy, when around the 4th minute of a song titled It Takes A Lot To Know A Man there's a deep voice in the background that I identified as Chris' one.
Is it possible that he collaborated for latest Damien Rice album or is it just my imagination?
Thanks and lots of love.

There are a few backing vocals on that track but none of them are Chris. The guy's voice belongs to Helgi Jonsson.
That makes It Takes A Lot To Know A Man a somewhat ironic title...

October 30, 2014 / submitted by George, United States of America
Q.  Hi Oracle,
Does anyone at care very much that Chris sometimes doesn't sing quite the same words as given in the posted lyrics? For instance, on the song Ghost Story there's a line that reads: "A spectre on a rollercoaster" but Chris is clearly not singing the word "rollercoaster" on the recording.

Given they're Chris' lyrics and he wrote them, we don't care at all if he changes them up as he does when performing live from time to time. On the odd occasion there have been mistakes when Chris gives us the wrong lyrics (or the case of missing lyrics that nobody seems to be able to decipher) but to be honest, I think he does sing "rollercoaster" albeit a rather different phrasing of the word.

October 23, 2014 / submitted by Adam, United Kingdom
Q.  Dear Oracle, has Chris ever forgot lyrics to songs while performing live?

Oh yes, that's happened so many times! Chris generally stops the song and starts again. There are certain songs that Chris has repeatedly forgotten parts of which given he wrote them, is quite a funny - and perhaps surprising - thing to happen.

October 22, 2014 / submitted by Alana, Ireland
Q.  Hello Oracle, nerdy question alert. Did Chris learn singing technique to avoid getting polyps on his vocal chords? He has a great range but I can't imagine the strain all that falsetto, particularly live, puts on his voice. I used to sing, and my teacher had this problem. Told you it was nerdy.


That's not a nerdy question; it's a fair one.
Chris has various techniques for looking after his voice and in fact, Will, Jonny & Guy also have a specific warm-up regime before every show. Chris also uses steam before and, where possible, after a show.