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November 8, 2011 / submitted by Brittney, United States of America
Q.  Hey El Caro!

As we all know, part of the magic in Coldplay's live shows are the butterflies raining down from the heavens. What sparked the idea for the flutterbies throughout the band's work?

Thank you! I'm absolutely loving Mylo Xyloto, by the way :)

The confetti dropped during the Viva tour were butterflies and they inspired the cover for LRLRL which followed. This tour however, the confetti is made up of Ms and Xs. You may have noticed the butterflies are still present; if you happened to see the Unstaged gig in Madrid. Paradise was performed with an accompanying video on the screens featuring butterflies personalized by fans.
As with most things, the idea came during the planning of the live shows and the idea stuck and has become really symbolic.

April 6, 2010 / submitted by Penny, United Kingdom
Q.  Hi Oracle
How many people are responsible for releasing the butterflies during Lovers in Japan? Do you know how many butterflies there are each night? I really liked the butterflies!
All the best

It's almost impossible to say how many butterflies were released each night but would you believe that a total of 19 people were responsible for their release? Amazing isn't it? That said, there were a couple of nights where that number grew to 20 and 21 with family members helping and between you and I, I have it on good authority that Phil's Mum was the best helper!

September 14, 2009 / submitted by Kim, Netherlands
Q.  Dear Mr/Ms Oracle
Where do all the butterflies during Lovers in Japan come from? Are they in a cage somewhere in the sky let free when the song starts or are they flying there all of the time knowing when to appear?

Believe it or not, the technical term for the machines that blow the confetti butterflies into the crowd is "blowers"!