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March 9, 2015 / submitted by Hunter, United States of America
Q.  Hey Oracle! I had a question pertaining to the 2012 Brits. I remember there being a post (I think from the Anchorman) talking about how Chris went bonkers over a loop Noel had created, and that loop pedal was taken to be run through Mr. Buckland's stack. So my question is, did anything ever come of that loop? I've always been curious as to what it sounded like. Thank you!

Hmm, two people asked this question in the space of a week.
I think you probably read it in one of Roadie #42's blogs rather than an Anchorman post. In fact, I just found it here.

Nothing happened with it.

February 24, 2015 / submitted by Millie, United Kingdom
Q.  Hey Oracle!
I was just curious whether you know if all the band are attending the Brit Awards this year? I know that they've been nominated, but last time there was only two of them. Also, will you be going too?
Thank you so much.

I will be there but totally unrelated to Coldplay.
The first year the band won, I managed to get a balcony ticket (at Earl's Court) from a friend. I then snuck in to the main room after dinner but in time for the awards presentation. I sat with BMG though.
Tomorrow will only be the second time I have attended, I've never been with the band.
The band aren't able to make it this time.

February 24, 2014 / submitted by Lucas, Brazil
Q.  Hello Oracle!
I was wondering what was the most exciting moment in the career of Coldplay or the time when they felt most grateful? It was at a concert or maybe some Grammy Award?
Thank you so much, and much love to all!!

There have been so many moments: their first NME / Melody Maker review (especially the former's new band to watch for 1999 piece), Parachutes debuting at #1, their first Brit Award, their first Glastonbury headline, their first Grammy... The list is endless and continues to grow.

February 25, 2013 / submitted by Wendy, United States of America
Q.  I am so glad to see that Coldplay finally won an award at the BRIT awards. It's about time!

Eh? I'm confused - they won Best British Group just last year, Wendy. That was their 8th Brit to date too.

December 13, 2012 / submitted by Amber, United Kingdom
Q.  Hello Oracle,

Do you know when this photo was taken and the context behind it? Thanks :)

Back in 2006 the band were at The Brits and during one acceptance speech (they won 2 awards that night), Chris mentioned they'd be away for a while.
The following morning a certain British tabloid ran the front page headline "COLDPAY QUIT".

Miller (a.k.a Roadie #42) took the photo of the band to show their surprise at hearing the news - which was of course false.
We posted the photo on this website and that's pretty much it.
It's worth bearing in mind that if / when Chris mentions taking time off, it doesn't mean a split or a long hiatus.

February 23, 2012 / submitted by Tanya, United Kingdom
Q.  Dear Oracle,
Who was your favourite performer at the Brits? (except, of course, Coldplay who were sublime!)
Thanks, from a crazy Coldplay fan :)

I know you said except for but Coldplay were my favourite. I liked the simplicity of Ed Sheeran, the almost too scared to wreck her newly operated on vocals of Adele, the energy of Rihanna, the no fuss Noel Gallagher (featuring Chris of course) and the reworked version by Bruno Mars. All in all I thought almost all the performances were jolly good.

February 22, 2012 / submitted by Harry, United Kingdom
Q.  Dear Oracle,
I just watched the Brits (Charlie Brown was amazing), and I noticed Chris playing with Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds! Was he meant to be there, because Noel didn't mention him or anything?
Thanks from a massive fan!

I swear I'm laughing with you, not at you but yes, of course Noel Gallagher knew Chris was there. I think any artist would be pretty miffed if someone from another band just came on stage and started playing without permission. The giveaway is the fact that Chris is playing his own keyboard.

February 22, 2012 / submitted by Andrew, United States of America
Q.  I noticed the tweet about the Brit Awards and the table where Coldplay will be dining. Table number 42, coincidence?
Thanks Oracle!

Roadie #42 took a photo of table #42 but it wasn't where Coldplay dined, so no coincidence.

February 21, 2012 / submitted by Britt, Netherlands
Q.  Dear Oracle,
At what time does the Brit Award show start? I'd really love to see it! Are the boys looking forward to the show?
Thanks in advance,

The Brits will be broadcast on ITV tonight at 8pm. Coldplay are opening the show so you won't want to miss the beginning!
They rehearsed yesterday and are already there now so are more than ready for tonight.
Voting is now closed so let's wait and see if they bring one of Peter Blake's bespoke statuettes home.

January 18, 2012 / submitted by Ajten, Sweden
Q.  Why can't you vote for the Brits more than once? So frustrating.

Well if you think about it if you could vote as many times as you liked, there could be people voting all day every day if they wanted to (for each artist) and it wouldn't give a very realistic figure in the voting results. I think we personally would love to win on genuine votes rather than multiple ones too. Ooh that reminds me, I must go and vote now.