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April 15, 2015 / submitted by Saryu, India
Q.  Hi Oracle, I wanted to ask you whether the book they show in the video of Life in Technicolor ii really exists? Is yes, where can I get it from? I hope you answer my question, I have been thinking about that for a while now.
Lots of love.

I answered this back in 2009 but no, it's not real. You can read an interview with the director here to find out more about it.
There are a few unofficial books (pretty much copy / cut / paste jobs) but no authorized Coldplay book as yet.

January 13, 2014 / submitted by Vero, Argentina
Q.  Hello Oracle! Is this book official? Or reliable about Coldplay's story?

There are NO official Coldplay books including this one. Martin Roach actually wrote the first unofficial book, Nobody Said It Was Easy, and Viva Coldplay is an updated version of that.
I don't really want to advocate any of the unauthorized books to be honest. This Viva Coldplay book is what I'd call "copy, cut & paste" where all the information is already out there and has been put conveniently in one place. You won't see any exclusives and there is absolutely no involvement from the band.

January 23, 2013 / submitted by Sebastien, South Africa
Q.  Oracle I was wondering what the book on the shelf titled "Coldplay" in this clip was?

When I saw what this clip was, I muted it right away because would you believe I have NEVER even heard the original...
Anyway, I recognize the book to be Coldplay Complete Chord Songbook.

November 9, 2010 / submitted by Jeewee, Netherlands
Q.  Dear Oracle,
I was over at a friend's today and we both share the fact that we like Coldplay very much. When I was sitting down in his room, he had a book of Coldplay. I reached out to it and saw some really awesome pictures. It contained all the artwork on Viva and a lot of studio pictures and even pictures taken during the recording of the videos for Violet Hill. In the middle was a blueprint of the stage I believe! My friend didn't know where he got it from, do you have any idea where I can buy this awesome book? Thanks Oracle!

I knew what you meant right away; the tour programme from Viva la Vida. I found some images of it to save me scanning mine (thanks Coldplaying!)
The tour programmes were obviously sold on tour but you can still find some for sale on auction sites and such...

March 18, 2009 / submitted by Lisa, Australia
Q.  My dear sweet Oracle, pleeeeease find time to reply.........Does Chris have an autobiography out, or if not, are there plans for one soon?
Hope you are well my dear ;)

He doesn't, no and there aren't any plans in the pipeline.

February 3, 2009 / submitted by Sandy, United Kingdom
Q.  Hey Oracle. Here's a pretty random question - what book are you reading at the moment and what is it doing for you? Keep up the good work. Reading the Oracle entries helps to pass a tea break when working from home and feeling rather isolated and snowed in today. SM

I have just started reading The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle. And what it's doing...? My head in! No, it's interesting actually but a bit deep in places but then what would you expect from a book about Spiritual Enlightenment? I'm also slowly working my way through Toby Young's How to Lose Friends and Alienate People. I haven't seen the film but have reserved it on DVD, well Simon Pegg's in it isn't he and as you know he's a friend of the band.

January 27, 2009 / submitted by Andrew, United States of America
Q.  If I were to write a book, do I have permission to have references to Coldplay's songs? Is this copyright infringement?

Yes you do, you’d need permission from their publisher (Universal), as they don’t retain their own copyright. Even if Chris were writing a book he’d have to credit the publisher for their kind permission to reproduce their lyrics!