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April 28, 2014 / submitted by Stephanie, Australia
Q.  Hello Oracle, I hope you are well. I was just looking through the live blog from Cologne. At 19:01, you have a picture of the three people. In Roadie #42's blog, he said that someone came to say hi to Dan and him. My question is, is Anchorman in the first picture? And if so, which person is he?
Thank you!

I'm confused. Roadie #42's blog wasn't even the same night so no, that's not Anchorman - who wasn't there & would never be careless enough to be photographed. As Roadie said, it was a chap, a young fella - he isn't part of the CP team.
As for the following night's live blog, at 19.01 the photo you mention comes with a caption explaining who it is:
"A view from the management office, which is where we've made our home for the day. Here's Arlene (management), Miti (live broadcast mixer) and Dan Green (sound-man and producer extraordinaire)."

Anchorman writes the live blogs and takes the photographs so he's not likely to be in any of those either.

April 2, 2014 / submitted by Craig, United Kingdom
Q.  I noticed in the final pics of a Live Blog, Guy handed his custom monitors to somebody. Do their roadies clean their ears and look after them for the next show?
Mine are like my prized possession. I wouldn't want to let them go.

You may think that but when you're touring relentlessly you would probably be very happy to give someone else the responsibility of keeping them safe or they would likely get lost in transit. Trust me, this is the best way.

December 19, 2013 / submitted by Jayden, Australia
Q.  Dear Oracle,

With the Under 1 Roof charity event fast approaching, do we have any confirmation on if there will be a live blog for the event?

Many thanks.

There will be tweet updates throughout the show but no live blog this evening. If you don't know, our twitter is @coldplay.

September 25, 2012 / submitted by Keish, Australia
Q.  Do Roadie #42 and the Anchorman take turns to do blogs for the live shows? Or is it usually Anchorman who does the job?
Also, the last blog says that you guys are taking a 6 week break before heading down under. Can we possibly expect a live blog from Melbourne, Australia?


Anchorman takes the helm for all the live blogs as Roadie #42 is busy being a roadie during that time. #42 writes his retrospective blogs rather than reporting live.
Given the distance etc. I very much doubt there will be a live blog from Australasia but I expect Roadie #42 will recount touring tales.

August 17, 2010 / submitted by Rebeca, Portugal
Q.  Aloha Mr. Oracle,
My head made up a question weeks ago. I really like to read Roadie #42 and when I read "Roadie #42 and the Texas cable massacre" (or something like that) I didn't understand what happened on that video. And, though I have read that thousands of times I still don't catch it.
Could you please explain it to me or am I too stupid to get it?
Oh and I would like your opinion to something really important: I'm writing a book and I still haven't got an idea for the name of the main character. He's just a regular British boy so I thought that I could call him Will (my favourite name), but that name is sooo used in books and films... what do you think I should call him?
ps: I'm sorry for my English!

Blog #55 is called "#42 and the Texan cable massacre" and shows Chris knock out the cable from Will's guitar which cuts its sound.

You call that character anything you like Rebeca, Will sounds just fine to me. Yes there are many characters named that but there are a lot of men called that too.

September 21, 2009 / submitted by Becca, United States of America
Q.  Dear Oracle,

PLEASE ANSWER THIS QUESTION! It's been eating at me all day and will continue until I find the answer! In the Live Photo Blog @ Wembley, during the soundcheck vid, what song is the band playing?
~Thank you!:)

The reason you may not have recognized the song played during the soundcheck is because it is a very different version of God Put A Smile Upon Your Face. You can't actually tell from that clip at all but if you've been to a live show you'll recall it was one of the Stage B songs.