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January 28, 2015 / submitted by Tom , United States of America
Q.  I stumbled across a video from 2005 in Toronto of an acoustic session of Chris and Jonny for the radio station The Edge. In it a man said he was being charged with a felony for blocking the sidewalk without a permit. Could you elaborate or explain what happened that day?

If memory serves me correctly, when the guys played at The Edge, so many people turned up that the pavement became inaccessible - that was what the felony related to. I seem to recall the studio had a glass front so people outside could see in and the crowd didn't move once the first few were let in to the session.
Oh and as if by magic, I found the video clip of it.

January 30, 2014 / submitted by Jessica, Australia
Q.  Hi Oracle,
My fiance & I are getting married next August and we want to have Yellow for our first dance as a married couple.
Are there any releases that feature an acoustic version we can buy?

There are acoustic versions of the song around. The most notable being from Jo Whiley's Lunchtime Social session back in 2000. Whether you will be able to buy it remains to be seen but the track featured on Coldplay Acoustic, a promo E.P.

October 28, 2013 / submitted by ColdplayFeels, twitter
Q.  Hi dear Oracle. Have the boys ever considered making another Acoustic album, perhaps longer?

Can you or Anchorman sing?

Another? Coldplay haven't ever released an official acoustic album. There was a free giveaway known as Acoustic. It was a promo E.P (extended player), not an L.P (long player).

Yes, Anchorman and myself can both sing though there haven't been any duets as yet.

July 18, 2013 / submitted by Christina, United States of America
Q.  Dearest Oracle,
I have been trying to find a specific version of Yellow that I heard. It was acoustic and slower than the original and Chris sings with a lower voice. The live 2012 is the closest I have gotten but it isn't the whole song. Is there a version of the whole song like that? It's my absolute favorite.

There are acoustic versions of the song available on CD, but they won't be identical to the version you seek. Live 2012 has a slower intro and then built into the climax.
There's an acoustic version on the God Put A Smile Upon Your Face EP but the most well-known one out there was from Jo Whiley's Lunchtime Social (Radio 1) that was available on a promo CD called Acoustic.

July 2, 2012 / submitted by Kane, Canada
Q.  Dear Oracle,
Has the band ever considered doing an acoustic album? Because I've been listening to acoustic versions of their songs on YouTube and they're just beautiful. Thanks and hope you answer!

The band did consider doing an acoustic album as it goes. In fact, before Mylo Xyloto was written and recorded, album five was intended to be an acoustic affair.
Have you heard this by the way?

January 10, 2012 / submitted by gina, United Kingdom
Q.  Around 2000-2002 Coldplay gave away a free cd in a national UK Sunday paper.
It was about 4 tracks, one of which I loved but they never released.
Do you know what the cd and the track list was please. Been driving me nuts trying to YouTube it!!!
Many thanks

Indeed they did, I remember it well. In 2000 the Independent on Sunday gave away Acoustic, a CD with 4 tracks (& 1 video).
The track listing is:
Careful Where You Stand
Yellow (Acoustic version)
See You Soon

December 21, 2011 / submitted by Leah, Canada
Q.  Greetings from BC!
I'm finally getting to go to a Coldplay concert in April and I'm so excited! I was wondering if they will be doing an acoustic part on the c-stage for this tour like they did before?
Thanks so much!

The C stage - now dubbed the X stage given its shape - is pretty much a permanent fixture these days so yes, I'd say it's pretty certain they will continue to have an acoustic set at the end of the runway to get closer to the crowd and have that more intimate moment.

November 9, 2011 / submitted by Matt, United Kingdom
Q.  Dear Mr Oracle,

I was fortunate enough to get tickets for the Little Noise Sessions show. Any ideas as to the sort of set as I know its supposed to be acoustic only which won't suit Mylo Xyloto?

Lucky you, it will be a great night. I disagree however about Mylo Xyloto tracks not suiting acoustic treatment. Did you not hear Hurts Like Heaven on
Radio 1's Live Lounge?
My opinion is that most songs start in an acoustic form anyway so it's just a case of stripping them back down. I think there's plenty songs from the album that will work with just Chris & Jonny performing them but I don't actually know what's planned for that show. I wouldn't tell you if I did of course!
They're sure to some oldies too so I'm guessing a mixed bag and who knows, maybe a cover?