September 16, 2009 - submitted by Baedal, Thailand

Q. Cool Q,

I was just reading the wikipedia page of Coldplay, when I found out that in the early beginning of the band Chris kicked out Will. Only 3/4 sentences later 2 rules of the band are there. The second one says: "the band would fire anyone who used hard drugs."

so, should I link this then just written rule (just after this 'thing' between Martin and Champion) with the fight of the two?? Did Will do something that did not agree with that rule? Or was it just some discussion about girls and money?:P
Hope you have the answer and of course that you are alowed to give it.

you are the best Coldplay! I'm really glad chris and will made up their fight and that coldplay is so big right now!

The Oracle replies:

Good grief no. Will didn't break any rule and it wasn't anything about girls or money. It was just a low point for Chris that he has since talked about and they had a falling out. Chris regretted the decision and begged him to return and yes, we're all glad about that!