June 17, 2009 - submitted by Julie, United States of America

Q. Oracle,
Wow...not only do you know everything you're fast. Thanks so much for answering my question about the new live version of Clocks. I realized after reading your response I realize now I should have been more specific. Following the verse "nothing else compares" and before "home home..." Chris repeats a phrase. Sorry I wasn't clear the first time.

The Oracle replies:

Thanks to Gonzalo from Argentina who was the first to spot that you probably meant the live version of Clocks on LRLRL.

"Don't you think Julie, from the USA, was trying to ask you about the phrase "uno, dos, tres, cuatro" repeated by Chris over and over again in the track Clocks in LRLRL (right after the verse "nothing else compares..."), in the question she asked on 12th June?"

And to the others that asked, it means "one, two, three, four" in Spanish.