May 11, 2009 - submitted by Eva, Netherlands

Q. Hi Oracle,
I've seen exactly the same as Steve, song nr. 7 was first longer and also a really good song! My question is was it not Ode To Deodorant?
Yours truly,
Eva from the Netherlands

The Oracle replies:

No. Thanks to Maria from Denmark (and a couple of other people), it seems that it's not a Coldplay song at all.
"Steve is talking about a song by Guster called Parachutes. Some of Coldplay's fans think this is a Coldplay song because it's also called Parachutes, and if you download it illegally, the song is there instead of "the real Parachutes". So Steve's favorite Coldplay song is actually not a Coldplay song. But it is a really good song".
I have subsequently found out, it's actually singular: Parachute.