January 7, 2014 - submitted by Natalia, Brazil

Q. Hello Oracle how are things doing? :)

So, I was searching for tweets with Guy Berryman and found this.

Is it related to Coldplay?

Much love =D

The Oracle replies:

There are a few Coldplay related links.
Glenn Moule is the drummer with the band Howling Bells.

Howling Bells were fans of Coldplay. After hearing Coldplay's AROBTTH, they coveted Ken Nelson as a producer. Indeed, they ended up recording their debut album in Parr Street Studios with Ken producing. The band then went on to support Coldplay a few times and they became friends. Just before the North American tour, Anchorman interviewed Juanita Stein here.
It just so happens Juanita contributed vocals on Up With The Birds.
The tweet you ask about was posted back in May 2011.