January 6, 2014 - submitted by Piyush, India

Q. Dear Oracle,

I want to ask a question about you. There must have been times when you were upset about something and didn't wanna write anything or talk to anyone but also publishing answers here at the same time as it's your job. I want to know how do you handle with that? Does it affect your answers too?


The Oracle replies:

That's an interesting question for what is most people's first Monday back at work & school. It will give you some insight to the role of Oracle.
I don't avoid difficult, painful questions that may evoke sadness or reignite a bad memory. Life is a journey and whether we're sharing our favourite music (see the last two Team Oracle's) or opening up our emotional wounds, we're all in this together. We're united in our love for Coldplay and therefore I owe it to you wonderful fans to always answer from my heart.