January 3, 2014 - submitted by The Oracle, United Kingdom

I'm asking you to look back and pick your favourite song and / or album of the 2013. What was it and why?

The Oracle replies:

Happy New Year! This is part ii so my reply along with Anchorman & Phil Harvey's appeared here last week.
Over to you.

To be honest, this question is pretty hard to answer because of the amazing releases this year. For e.g Random Access Memories, The 2020 Experience, etc. have been huge hits. But I'd go with my favourite; AM by Arctic Monkeys. It is a brilliant Rock Album. My favourite songs from the album are Do I Wanna Know, Why'd You Only Call Me When You're High and R U Mine. To add to it, Arctic Monkeys is an amazing band and I've grown to become a fan of theirs this year. Saakshi.

Atlas. It's a milestone and a great Coldplay song no matter if it is related to the movie or not.
There's a lot of atmosphere in the book that gets lost in the movie. This song does restore it. Amazing.
Happy holidays and new year to everyone. L.Q.

For best album, I have to go with Kendrick Lamar Good Kid, M.A.A.D. City. A mix of Frank Ocean R&B and old-school west coast hip/hop, a little bit of early 90’s Ice Cube. Plus, since it’s a debut, it’s fresh and unique. Which is always a plus.
As for best song: Gasoline by Alpine. One of those songs where the voices are an actual instrument to contend with. Catchy doesn’t begin to describe it. It’s a song that surprised me and I couldn’t move on in my playlist. This song wouldn’t let me. Greg.

My favorite song from 2013 is Take Your Time Girl from Niels Geusebroek. Why? I love that song, it's because he made the song special for his unborn child, you hear the heartbeat from his unborn child in the song, never hear that before so it really brought me in tears! It's sounds really special. Greets Marianne.

My favourite Song of 2013 has got to be Daft Punk's Get Lucky. From the moment the the ad's rolled out to the release of the album it's one song I just can't get out of my head... and I don't want to! My favourite album of 2013 is Days are Gone by HAIM. The way those girls combine the elements of soul and alternative style rock is so breathtaking and the way their voices harmonize together is so beautiful (not to mention the catchy songs). It just beats out Random Access Memories to the top of my list. Albert.

My favourite album of 2013 is In a Perfect World by Kodaline. Their album was released earlier this year, and since then, I became a fan or theirs. They haven't been in the Uk top charts yet, but they certainly deserve to be. They're similar to the Script, only much more acoustic sounding and not so perfected. They have their own unique type of sound, and I generally love them. In 2014 I will be lucky enough to see them live, and I believe that any coldplayer will be a fan of Kodaline. Millie.

Song: Arcade Fire - Afterlife. Just simply beautiful and the video fits the song perfectly.
Album: The National - Trouble Will Find Me. I love every song on this album and it was amazing to see them again in November. Tash.

My first favourite album was Avril Lavigne because I waited a long time for be released and it liked me the fact that it had some different sound, which seem me well done. My favourite song from the album was Let Me Go ft Chad Kroeger, cause the melody and the letter had some interesting drama. My second favourite album was the soundtrack from Catching Fire, "We Remain" really liked me and Atlas absolutely was my favourite one, I loved the fact that there were so much Rush of Blood sounding and Jonny's guitar sounded excellent!
Greets from Argentina! Love, Guadalupe.

I would say a really good album released this year is Michael Buble's To Be Loved. There are really jazzy songs and they are really slow songs. My favorite songs has to be Close Your Eyes the lyrics are amazing and the beat is really good! Sincerely, Mariam.

My favorite album this year is The National's Trouble Will Find Me: It's uplifting while still taking you to the sad/dark places of your heart. My favorite song is I Should Live in Salt. The harmonies are beautifull and the lyrics tell a story that we all wish we knew a little more about. It's just damn gorgeous. Thanks, Christa.

Favorite is the entire Night Visions and the Archive EP albums by Imagine Dragons. I've been listening to it all year, and there is not a single song I skip. Yes, it was released in Sept 2012, but didn't get a lot of airplay until 2013. I'm also hooked on Pompeii by Bastille - great catchy song. I'm not a Justin Timberlake fan, but I also love Holy Grail. Dianne.

My favourite song from 2013 is Atlas obviously, but if I had to pick another one I would say Go Gentle from Robbie Williams. I love the song because it's about a father giving advices to her daughter and showing her that the world can be cruel sometimes, but he's always going to be there for her. An album: Beyonce. It's simply the best. MDLA

Favorite album this year: Paradise Valley by John Mayer. It's great to see John happy with his life and the direction his music is going. Some great tunes on that record, definitely worth checking it out. Also see him live if you can, he's really on his game! Fantastic concert.
Forrest, Florida, USA.

My favorite album of this past year is a toss-up between When It Was Now by Atlas Genius and Mechanical Bull by Kings of Leon. As for my favorite song, Atlas takes the cake by far followed by Temple from Mechanical Bull. Steven, USA.

There were many excellent pieces of music to come out this year, but only a few really stood out for me personally. My favorite album has to be Linkin Park's Recharged; it mainly had remixes of previous tracks, but A Light That Never Comes is a very catchy new song. My song of the year, outside of Atlas (of course), would be Counting Stars by OneRepublic. That song is absolutely amazing and only seems to get better the more you listen to it.
Hope everyone has a happy and safe start to the new year! Evan.

My favorite album of the year was Laura Marling's Once I was an Eagle. She's a phenomenal song writer; wise beyond her years and seeing her live was amazing. She performed solo with just an acoustic guitar. The woman can SING!

Fave single is Haim's the Wire. Three sisters who obviously have a great bond. Can't wait to see them headline a show Spring 2014 after seeing them open for The Lumineers and Mumford and Sons in 2013. Eleanor.

My favourite album of 2013 is Sunbather by Deafheaven: a beautiful hour of sheer chaos.
I would say that my favourite song would be Dream House by the same band or Reflektor by Arcade Fire. What a fantastic piece of music. I love the album as well. Ben.

There was so much good music to choose from this year! Songwise is tough, as I really enjoyed Pompeii by Bastille and Entertainment by Phoenix (not to mention Atlas as an added bonus)- but my favorite has to be Do I Wanna Know? by the Arctic Monkeys. The guitar riff is incredible and Alex Turner’s rendition of pure infatuation with a girl is hauntingly relatable.
Album wise it only got better and AM was certainly up there, alongside Arcade Fire's Reflektor. Personally, I would have to go with Modern Vampires of the City by Vampire Weekend. They are my second favorite band behind Coldplay, and showed tremendous growth from their first two albums, with their sound finally rising to a new level on songs like Unbelievers and Hannah Hunt is amazing. And all the while never giving up their trademark philosophical statements in songs like Diane Young and Ya Hey. Defiantly got my money’s worth from that record. Mateo.

My favourite albums of 2013 are:
Mark Owen, The Art Of Doing Nothing: I love the vibe of this album, it reminds me of pre-Parachutes Coldplay blended with a bit of folk and rap.
Kanye West, Yeezus: This album was a bit of a change from his previous ones, but I did really enjoy it.
Jay Z, Magna Carta Holy Grail: I love the collaborations with JT and Frank Ocean, and I think Holy Grail might be my song of the year.
Justin Timberlake, The 20/20 Experience: This was also a change from his previous albums, and I love the collaborations with Jay Z and Drake as well.
Robbie Williams, Swings Both Ways: His last swing album was probably better, but this one had some great songs with Michael Buble and Lily Allen.
Happy Holidays to all, Rhys.

My favoutite song of 2013 is Reflektor by Arcade Fire. I loved it from the first time I heard it. Leave A Light On by Marble Sounds would be second and I just want to mention it because it's a perfect winter song and it deserves more attention (I was happy to see it in the Hypnofeed!)
My favourite album of this year is The Weight Of Your Love by Editors. I think I listen to it weekly and their concert in Belgium, my first concert, was one of the few things that made this year good.
Happy new year everyone! Hannah.

My favourite album of 2013 is definitely Editors’ The Weight Of Your Love. It’s a great album, quite different from their previous 3 albums; but they’re still true to themselves, even if their line-up changed slightly. I also have to say that Tom Smith is a great lyricist.
However, this album is closely followed by In A Perfect World by Kodaline which is their debut album. They are great Irish musicians and if someone likes Coldplay, I think they’ll have no problem to like Kodaline (Although, I’m not saying they’re the same AT ALL).
Then, my favourite song of the year is Atlas because what’s more exciting than your favourite band releasing a song for a very good movie? Atlas really is an amazing song that fits the theme of Catching Fire but it’s still a relatable song for the listener.
Finally, even if I only discovered her a few weeks ago, I really like Lorde’s music and her song Tennis Court is on repeat on my iPod which makes it another important song of 2013 for me.
Hope all is well, Mara.

2013 was, musically, a year filled with great discoveries for me. Picking the best and trying not to repeat what was said last week turned out to be quite difficult! But here are my choices: my favorite song would be Safe and Sound, by Capital Cities, and my favorite album The Golden Age, by Woodkid (especially the opening track, The Golden Age, and Conquests of Spaces). May I add that this album is not only beautiful to listen to but also a great record to get physically - they did a wonderful special edition with a little black and gold book, filled with stories and drawings - it looks and feels quite epic. Thank you very much for this wonderful Team Oracle question - I have been listening to John Grant's and The National’s albums on repeat since I read the answers from last week. Happy new year, I can’t wait for 2014! Lucas.

My favorite album of 2013 is Kveikur by Sigur Ros, because I love how unique and perfect this album is. My favorite songs (I couldn't choose only one) are Atlas by Coldplay and Shot At The Night by The Killers. Fatima.

I would say that my favorite song from 2013 is Entertainment by Phoenix, and probably the best album would be AM by the Arctic Monkeys
Thanks, happy holidays. Karen.

My favorite song of the year is probably Afterlife by Arcade Fire. I wasn't a huge fan of their new album, but I feel like that may be one of the best songs I've ever heard.
My favorite album is a pretty serious tie between Lucy Rose's Like I Used To and Vampire Weekend's Modern Vampires of the City.
Bombay Bicycle Club is one of my favorite bands around, so I was really excited to hear that Lucy Rose was releasing a full album of her own, and it really doesn't disappoint, with some songs reminding me of that same melancholic sound that was prominent in A Rush of Blood to the Head, and it's just really nice to hear something from Vampire Weekend that doesn't sound like it was recorded on a tropical island!
Here's to a new year!
Bradley H.

My favorite song was probably Atlas by Coldplay because it's by the best band living and in The Hunger Games Catching Fire also a great movie. Eliza.

The best album of 2013 was, for me, Bad Blood, which is Bastille's first full release. It's so versatile in terms of emotions, every song sounds like it could be the soundtrack to your biggest victory or your most tragic moment. Pompeii was absolutely fantastic from that album and really stood out to me, but of course all the other songs are brilliant too! Emily.

My favorite song that was released this year of course is Atlas! And my favorite album is DEMI by Demi Lovato! Both is because they are so so so good, so amazing, so magical, just love all the songs from DEMI and love much more Atlas! Thanks for this year Oracle! It was a big pleasure to help with the answers! Lots of love from Brazil! HAPPY NEW YEAR! xx Thuane.

My favorite album of the 2013 is Love Lust Faith + Dreams by 30 seconds to mars. Also my favorite song is Do or Die.. It helped me a lot to keep fighting for dreams. Maria.

I really have liked the work of Macklemore and Ryan Lewis in 2013, especially with the likes of Can't Hold Us and Same Love. I feel that they've been great on the whole 'equal rights' aspect too, as it's been a touchy subject around the world in 2013. I also really enjoyed the album Bad Blood by Bastille. To say that they don't have a single guitar (apart from bass) in their band is amazing and the fact that they make great music too is just wow. And of course, Atlas was my main highlight. Fantastic.
Kate, U.K.

My favorite album of the year was Modern Vampires of the City by Vampire Weekend. It was so cool to see how they’d evolved since their last two albums. Lyrically, Ezra Koenig is genius, contemplating things like mortality, god, and other big questions. Yet even with these huge topics, they kept the fun in their music from the last two albums. Diane Young and Hannah Hunt were the standout tracks for me, although every track on the album is an A+.
JD Waldvogel.

My favourite album of the year is The Golden Age by Woodkid. He is French (but his songs are in English). There is a real story behind the album, it's really touching and impressive. This man has a deep voice and a deep soul!
My favourite track is probably Atlas or Red Eyes by Thomas Azier.
Cheers and Happy Musical New Year!

My favourite album released this year has to be Native - One Republic. This album really gets you thinking and puts me in a safe, and happy place. It is also one of them albums where you can dance to or just tap to!
I look forward to what the year brings and hope it brings you all what you need.
With love Daisy.

I REALLY love Best Day Of My Life by American Authors! Mollie U.S.A.

And finally, these selections from Thomas who clearly couldn't pick just one!

Fave records of 2013
- AM by the Arctic Monkeys
- ARTPOP by Lady Gaga
- Sweet Summer Sun, Hyde Park by the Rolling Stones
- The Shocking Miss Emerald by Caro Emerald
- Modern Vampires Of The City by Vampire Weekend

Fave songs of 2013
- Atlas by Coldplay
- Hard Out Here by Lily Allen
- Why'd You Only Call Me When You're High by the Arctic Monkeys
- Wildfire by John Mayer
- Royals by Lorde
- Young and Beautiful by Lana Del Ray

Thanks to all those who replied and hopefully some new music has been discovered. Remember, Team Oracle is open to anyone so if you fancy replying, click to read this week's question, and send us your answer.

Here's to a great 2014!