December 18, 2013 - submitted by Anonymous, Netherlands

Q. Dear Oracle,

I'm a 19 year-old guy from the Netherlands. I'm a bass player. But it feels like I'm in some kind of trouble. Since two years ago, I started feeling different. I don't feel like I'm completely a guy, but I'm afraid to show it to everyone. This is not a good thing. These feelings are increasing, and it's hard for me to hide them, yet I have to. I want to feel free about myself, but I'm afraid nobody will like the true me. What can I do?

The Oracle replies:

If you don't feel you have anyone to confide in, there are organisations that can help you deal with gender identity issues. There are some local to you too & will treat your call with confidentiality. Remember, you're not alone.
Above all, never be afraid to be yourself.