December 3, 2013 - submitted by Forrest, United States of America

Q. Did Chris and the band ever write songs keeping in mind they would be played in large arena type venues? Coldplay's sound has obviously progressed into something more appropriate for those larger shows so I was just wondering if that style was there at the beginning, or if their success was a catalyst for it. Thank you Oracle!

The Oracle replies:

You're spot on, Forrest. They don't write songs in a colour by numbers way but yes, they are very aware of where their songs will end up being performed. It's an interesting progression when a band starts to play arenas and stadiums as not all songs will work in those spaces. That said, if the band do write songs that don't fill the big venues (acoustically speaking), they can adapt by performing them on the smaller B & C stages as they have been doing on the last few tours - 'Til Kingdom Come, Up In Flames, Us Against the World et al.