December 3, 2013 - submitted by Chloe, United Kingdom

Q. This is Coldplay related btw.
I feel like Coldplay and the fandom is literally tearing me up. Since I started liking Coldplay my sisters have hated me because they're into heavy stuff. I don't know what to do :( I miss being close to my sisters.

The Oracle replies:

I find it sad yet weirdly natural that music divides people so much. I get a lot of letters from fans who struggle with their friends or family having different tastes but diversity is a good thing.
I'm not sure why those differences turn nasty though. People could learn to respect the passions of others.
How about you ask your sisters if they could recommend a song they think you might like. In turn you could perhaps play them the live version of GPASUYF from the last tour or Daylight.
If that doesn't work, are there any other things you all like that you could spend time together doing?
I know it won't help you right now, but hopefully it's a phase that will pass and one day soon you'll get on in spite of your musical preferences.