November 28, 2013 - submitted by Danny, United Kingdom

Q. I know you've responded to 9 questions thus far referring to the B-Side The World Turned Upside Down, but I just wanted to take a stab a guessing what the mystery lyric is, because I think I finally figured it out.

My guess is that it's: "Searching the meadow well it's ecstasy (ah ah)."

Thank you and have a wonderful day!


The Oracle replies:

As I mentioned before, Chris doesn't even know what he's saying so it's not a mystery that's due to be solved anytime soon despite multiple guesswork from all over - including my own that as you know was initially what started this particular ball rolling when deciphering lyrics for the website's lyric section quite a few years ago.
I'm pretty sure it's not what you suggest but most of us seem to think the first part is "searching your mellow".