November 28, 2013 - submitted by Aranzaza, Chile

Q. Hey Oracle! I'm in a major problem. The thing is that for my birthday a friend gifted me a Limited Edition of the Coldplay cd's, (from Parachutes to VLV) which, was kind of a little bit expensive. For my surprise my family gifted me the same package of cd's. What should I do? Gift them to someone else? Also, I don't have enough space to place EIGHT cd's. Thanks in advance!!

The Oracle replies:

Ooh aren't you lucky? That's a nice problem to have - sort of. Well, you could sell one set on. Or you could gift it. Or you could explain to your family & friend what's happened and ask if they'd be ok with you exchanging the CDs for something else.
These things happen and I'm sure they'll understand. There is no point keeping both sets as they're not collector's items.