November 26, 2013 - submitted by Hali, United States of America

Q. Hello Oracle,

I have never been in a serious relationship but I think I am falling for one of my good friends. The problem is, he has a girlfriend. I know I should probably just ignore my feelings but I have never felt the way I do around him before. I'm scared that if I don't do anything he'll forget about me. I just have this feeling that we are meant to be together and I think he feels it too. What should I do?

The Oracle replies:

Personally I think you should do nothing - he has a girlfriend. If you think he feels the same, it's up to him to do something about it. The reason I say this is trust is a fundamental part of a relationship. If you two start something or behave inappropriately behind his girlfriend's back, chances are IF you ever get together, you'll have mistrust from the start.
Perhaps what you could do is walk away and tell him that you're giving him space to work out his feelings. You don't want to get hurt so put some distance between you and see what his next move is. If it's meant to be, he'll come to you.