November 25, 2013 - submitted by Pieta, United Kingdom

Q. Greetings Oracle!
So... I've been to many a few Coldplay concerts and it just occurred to me, what do the boys do after they're done performing? Are they totally exhausted and ready to hit the sack, or are they pumped with adrenaline and extremely energised? It seems so crazy to play as much as they do consecutive nights in a row. I remember one show Chris changed his shirt because he was sweating so badly. How do they not lose their hearing due to the extreme loudness? My dad always gets mad at me for not wearing plugs to a concert for the fear that it will ruin my hearing haha, but I just can't imagine what the band is actually going through and how the music may affect their own. Also, it seems like performing at concerts is a good workout... haha! Chris jumps and sweats like a maniac! Hats off for him - he's incredible, as well as Jonny, Guy and Will. It wouldn't be Coldplay without 'em! Cheers,

The Oracle replies:

The first thing they do is get out of their sweaty stage clothes. Their adrenalin is running high when they come off stage so they don't go straight to bed. They travel back home or to their hotel and at the latter there sometimes may be a late supper.
The sound onstage is totally different to what comes out of the speakers to the audience. The guys wear in-ear monitors to not only give a mix of what's going on but to provide a good level of noise reduction.
As I said in the previous answer, ear protection is very important. Your dad is right, get yourself a pair of earplugs and wear them.