November 19, 2013 - submitted by Cheggy, United Kingdom

Q. Alright so I was watching a film called The Wee Man, based in Glasgow. At 1:15:25 it comes to a part at the building which is at the end of the music video for Every Teardrop is a Waterfall. I also noticed in the background I can see a clock tower near where I live so it made me curious to where exactly in Glasgow that building is, and how did the band come across that building as their idea for the music video?

thanks :)

The Oracle replies:

That's the beauty of film, Cheggy. It may appear to be filmed at one place but is in fact another. The building used in the ETIAW video is in London, not Glasgow.
As you may know, filmmakers often use different locations for certain scenes and even edit the background to match the rest of the film.
There's a part in Withnail & I that springs to mind. Paul McGann walks out of Uncle Monty's cottage and the view from the door is spectacular. Having been to Uncle Monty's Lake District home I can testify that the view shown on film is not the view from that door.