November 11, 2013 - submitted by Kristin, United States of America

Q. Hey Oracle,

Could you tell me more about Glastonbury? I really want to go someday, it looks like so much fun! Is there any way to know, when the time comes, what bands (Coldplay) will play at the festival? (: Thanks!!

Love always,

The Oracle replies:

Glastonbury don't announce their full line-up until the tickets are sold out so I can't help you with who is or isn't playing - or indeed who may / may not. Michael Eavis has said that the 2014 headliners have never played the festival before which is obviously attracting speculation. Whoever they are, they're only 3 of several hundred acts on the bill.
It's worth getting a ticket as I'm sure once the acts are announced you'll find plenty to get excited about.

The actual festival is unlike any other. I can only describe it as fields that become a village with a population of 135,000 for a few days. There is SO much to do that I doubt you could scratch the surface.
Aside from the main stages (Pyramid, Second, John Peel) there are many more where you can listen to some incredible music.
Also part of Glastonbury's wonder are the other areas to discover.
It's a truly special experience and I wouldn't hesitate recommending it.