November 4, 2013 - submitted by Graeme , United Kingdom

Q. Hi, does Chris regret running in to the crowd at Sound Relief ? And what did you think of it? ;-) thx.

The Oracle replies:

Well... Personally for me that was not the best idea Chris has ever had. Possibly the worst! In fact, I'll happily regret it on his behalf.
Ok, so I wasn't there but when I saw the footage, I did think it was one of Chris' more risky moments of spontaneity. I've seen Chris react to adrenalin and the heat of the moment before but this was the heat of the moment quite literally which may have explained the not too clever decision to run. The weather was very warm during the band's set & Chris was looking rather hot by the time they got to the closer, Fix You. It wasn't a good idea for anyone to go charging around after playing a full set. Let's put it this way, if we went back in time, I would hope Chris wouldn't repeat it as he certainly didn't feel well afterwards.