October 25, 2013 - submitted by The Oracle, United Kingdom


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I need some advice. I don't know what to do anymore. I'm in love with my friend that I’ve known for 4 years.
I loved him for three and it sucks. I've waited and waited for him and nothing. I've seen him like other girls and it just pains me, my heart shatters every time he finds someone new. I don't know what to do, I've tried to stop my feelings but I always go back to him. He always finds a way to creep into my heart. The little things he does - his smile his laugh, his wittiness, makes me fall for him all over again. But there are times where I've felt nothing but pain and there have been times where I broke down and just cried for hours because of him and his obliviousness. I don’t know if he will ever feel the same. And I just can't wait forever, it hurts too much. I’m ready to just quit on love.
I value our friendship too much that I’m scared of telling him, what if he chose to ignore me and just leave me?
I need some serious advice please help me Oracle. What should I do!?

Look forward to seeing your replies.

The Oracle.

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