February 9, 2009 - submitted by Dave, United Kingdom

Q. Dear Oracle,
I feel that we require a new name for the song 'Lost!' which became 'Lost?' (acoustically) and then 'Lost+' and 'Lost@' (with Jay-Z and Live).
Now we have a live acoustic version with Jay-Z and no idea what to refer to it as.
Perhaps I could suggest:
Lost^ (as there must be a use for them putting that symbol on computers)
Lost£ (as a symbol of British dominance at America's most importance music awards)
Either would clear up the confusion.

The Oracle replies:

Ah good point Dave. I like your suggestions but as you say, this is just Lost? with Jay Z adding his rap from Lost+. I guess we could refer to the rendition performed at the 51st Grammy Awards as Lost?+.
N.B: The full stops are placed grammatically, they're not different versions of Lost!