October 15, 2013 - submitted by Carrie, United States of America

Q. Hello there :)

I have been wondering lately about how Will joined the band. He didn't play drums until he joined so how did it all come about? Was he friends with the others beforehand? If he didn't play the drums previous to joining, what was his role going to be in the band? If you think about the info out there, it kind of sounds like they were all sitting around one day, talking about who they could get to drum and Will said, "I've never played but I'll give it a go," and the rest were all, "Well... okay. Sure. Why not?"

Also, according to Wikipedia (which is always true HAHA), Will joined the band on July 31, 1997, which is a very specific date (and not just Harry Potter's birthday but Will's birthday also!) Is there a story behind it that could be shared? Would you mind filling in the story of Will joining Coldplay a little bit for all of us?

Thank you so much!

Houston, TX

The Oracle replies:

Yes, Will knew the others; he & Chris used to busk on guitars together. I have no idea of the exact date that Will joined the band or what date in 1998 the following occurred. Will's flatmate was supposed to drum on some tracks for Chris, Jonny & Guy but when they went round to their flat, he wasn't in. They waited a while and eventually Will (being the multi-instrumentalist as he is) said that although he wasn't a drummer if they were stuck, he'd give it a go. The rest, as they say, is history.