October 10, 2013 - submitted by Erika, Italy

Q. Dear Oracle, nice to talk to you..
I've just discovered that Coldplay, on 16th July 2000 were in Misterbianco (Catania) at Sonica Festival when they had knew about their last album's success in UK. Is that true? I grew up in a town near there, and I'd be very curious to know it (I was 2 and I wouldn't have been able to go there however).
Thank you, hope your reply :)

The Oracle replies:

On 16 July 2000, myself, Phil and a few select few gathered to listen to the UK album chart countdown. We did know already that Parachutes was heading for the top spot, but tradition is to listen to the radio on official chart day. The band were playing at Sonica Festival, Misterbianco and that's where they were when they found out their debut album was number 1 in the UK. It was a special day indeed.